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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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on yer bike manchester

01-09-2005 13:57

sunday 11th september "on yer bike"

a whole day dedicated to celebrating the bicycle.

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You say you want a revolution?

31-08-2005 00:15

Indymedia Unplugged
I postulate that the function of dreams is to prepare us for space, and that is why they are a biologic necessity.
- William Burroughs

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Alternative bookshop in Bristol closes

28-08-2005 22:09

After 23 years of community service, Bristol's last remaining alternative community bookshop has closed. Sadly the closure of Greenleaf Books reflects an ongoing trend of the closure of alternative bookshops, as the pressure of trading within capitalist society becomes overwhelming.

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Anarchist Pogo Party's election TV spot censored

28-08-2005 10:14

In the run up to the German elections for parliament and governemnt, several satirical and fun parties promise to make elections interesting entertainment again.
The Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany has now their TV spot censored, because of too much "sex, drugs, alcohol and violence".
But the founder of the Anarchist Pogo Party claims, that this scene would just mirror the catastrophical conditions in our society leading to an apocalyptic vision of the future".

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East Oxford Revels in Oxfam Throw-aways

25-08-2005 20:39

Residents of East Oxford met in unlikely circumstances tonight when the donated items put out for rubbish collection by Oxfam were unpacked and given away on tables. No-one has yet taken responsibility for the action, but it is not believed to have originated within the NGO.

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ox-free opens on cowley road!

25-08-2005 20:21

paddy serving customers
ox-free is a group of people coming infront of oxfam on cowley road oxford and rooting through the bins for stuff that has been thrown away by oxfam and we put it on a table and give it away for free to the public it was a huge sucsess people were rooting through the biins and finding briiliant tat!!

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Acts of hate: full list of 'deportation' acts

24-08-2005 14:17

The Home Office today published a list of "unacceptable behaviours" which will lead to the deportation or exclusion of any foreign national who commits them from the UK.

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Gay Manchester: Operation Fundraiser's deceptive Annual Report

22-08-2005 23:08

Nowhere in the Operation Fundraiser 'Annual Report 2004-2005' does it mention the £200,000 that was very likely handed over to Manchester Pride to cover running costs.

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Council inaction over Forest Lodge

21-08-2005 18:06

3 and a half years since the eviction of the Forest Lodge and the building remains empty.

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Building Threat to Greenbelt Land near Sheffield

20-08-2005 03:15

On the 18 May 2005, Rotherham Council agreed to sell land ........which will be used to provide an access road............ This was agreed without consulting users of this open space................A detailed planning application to build 600 houses, by Bryant Homes, is expected shortly. It is felt that the Council will have a conflict of interest when dealing with this application.Why does Rotherham want to enable building on this open countryside when it has a large number of brown field sites?

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Reclaim the Precinct

17-08-2005 16:11

Skaters took to the streets of Southampton last night to compete against each other, but also to take back some of the public space in the heart of the city.

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Video clip - road protests ejected from Dept of Transport

17-08-2005 00:11

A short sequence of clips from tuesdays action at the department of transport.

2 mins 4 mb

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Brighton City Council Intervene To Stop Illegal Eviction Of Peace Camp

16-08-2005 23:21

In which Sussex Police outdo themselves by exposing their
cosy relationship with corporate bomb makers EDO MBM and the
shamefaced city council actually help Smash EDO to go on protesting by stopping the illegal eviction of the peace camp.

Another interesting day in Brighton.

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Anti-Road protesters occupy Dept of Transport

16-08-2005 21:54

Today, the Department of Transport was targetted for the first time in about a year by anti-roads protesters.

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The Vine and Fig Tree planters dig to make peace

11-08-2005 21:16

The Anthony Walker Fig
Disarmament, economic conversion and nonviolence are vital ingredients for creating a just world in which everyone enjoys the earth's abundance.

In these fearful, suspicious times, we invite people all around the world to transform military bases into gardens of peace in which beauty and life shall flourish. The Vine and Fig Tree Planters

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Cambridge Critical Mass 26/08/2005

11-08-2005 16:38

Regular 'last friday of the month' critical masses are starting with a meetup on the 26th August 2005.

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Boatyard Campaign on Front Foot

10-08-2005 17:09

The campaign for the Castle Mill Boatyard in Jericho is in high spirits today as it moves into the positive phase after a plan to build luxury homes on the site was rejected despite an appeal by the developers.

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Food Not Bombs at Hiroshima Remembrance

09-08-2005 21:06

Preparation is fun!
A Food Not Bombs event took place at Millenium Point on Saturday 6th August 2005, as part of the Hiroshima - Never Again music and WMD awareness festival.

Short report and pictures from the event.

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Ambient Green Picnic – July 2005

09-08-2005 16:23

where are the crowds?
The Ambient Green Picnic was held in Guildford on Sunday 31 July 2005.

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Remembering the ESF

08-08-2005 00:39

Good article from a person who's eyes were opened to the dark side of left/reformism social change.