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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Support needed at new road protest camp

23-06-2003 14:31

An urgent call for help is going out for a new anti-road protest camp just set up in beautiful West Sussex woodlands.

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reclaim the beach solstice party pics online

23-06-2003 14:26

ace party celebrating the solstice in london
loadsa people n good tunes and no hassle from the law

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Quick report from stonehenge solstice 2003

23-06-2003 14:23

Stonehenge Solstice 2003

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21.06.03 sheffield united soundsystems

23-06-2003 13:49

sheffield united soundsystems-biggets solstice free party in sheffield for years

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Stonehenge Solstice Pics (inc arrest)

23-06-2003 13:05

police pounce to arrest man
Stonehenge Pictures - Sat 21st June 2003

Despite English Heritage opening "on the wrong day" and saying that people would only be allowed into the stones at 2am, a record 27-30,000 people attended the celebration.

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peace in the park feedback

22-06-2003 15:39

Peace in the Park took over Devonshire Green in Sheffield for a day. As the sun shined...

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Sheffield Peace in the Park

21-06-2003 21:11

Sheffield Samba Band
Some photos from the Sheffield Peace in the Park festival.

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Peace in the Park

20-06-2003 00:00

Peace in the Park Flyer Front
Peace in the Park is a one day festival in Sheffield City Centre on Saturday 21st June. The event will take place on Devonshire Green, Division Street, from Midday until 8pm. The festival is one of peace and solidarity with the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, as well as everyone struggling for a life and future that is their own.

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Mayday London b/w pics

19-06-2003 22:06

Mermaid of London: the tide is rising!
Black and White pictures of London MayDay

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Free party clampdown?

19-06-2003 20:30

free party
A free outdoor party, featuring sound systems from Manchester and Sheffield was stopped before it started by the, a few miles north of Glossop, early on with an order forbidding the party to take place. Were they tipped off?

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UK Social Forum?

17-06-2003 15:28

Social Fora have been springing up around the UK like mushrooms...

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Urgent: Stonehenge needs YOU!

17-06-2003 07:27

Stonehenge needs YOU!

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March Against Third Runway

30-05-2003 11:01

Saturday 7 June 2003 - A two mile march in opposition to plans for a third runway at Heathrow which will result in the demolition of up to 10,000 homes, scores of listed buildings, two ancient chuches, three schools, and the enforced relocation of up to 35,000 residents. The protest march will start from Sipson Meadow, Sipson Road, HARLINGTON at 11.30am. It will end in a rally, to be addressed by MPs, in HARMONDSWORTH at 1.30pm. ALL WELCOME TO JOIN IN ESPECIALLY MEDIA.

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Chesterfield Mayday M5 Video

05-05-2003 16:53

A one minute video of the Chesterfield Mayday demonstration.

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Bilston Anti Bypass Camp - News Update

21-03-2003 13:57

After a cold & snowy winter Bilston Wood is coming to life again...

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Steward Wood planning permission safe

06-02-2003 22:34

The High Court judge upheld the Inspector's decision to give Steward Community Woodland 5 years temporary residential permission...

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Bilston Wood- Anti Road Protest Camp near Edinburgh

25-11-2002 17:16

Bilston Wood- Anti Road Protest Camp near Edinburgh
About eight miles south from Edinburgh near Penicuik is
Bilston Woods. It is an SSSI or the Scottish equivalent and faces having a bypass ripped through it. BIOTECH (famous for cloning sheep) has started this private road construction, a bypass to the A701.

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Aspire Vs Leeds City Council (The plot thickens)

24-11-2002 16:20

The polics broke in the door to the free-space known as aspire, during a party, using pepper spray against peaceful party goers.

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Leeds social centre attacked by police

24-11-2002 13:21

A-spire, a temporary social centre in Leeds was attacked around 3am sunday morning and stormed by police using tear gas and pepper spray.

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A-Spire vs Leeds Council

22-11-2002 10:32

A-Spire are facing eviction from a Leeds council building that has been converted into a social space and indoor skate park!