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21.06.03 sheffield united soundsystems

t.r.a. collective | 23.06.2003 13:49 | Culture | Free Spaces | Sheffield

sheffield united soundsystems-biggets solstice free party in sheffield for years

sat 21.06.03

just north of sheffield city centre...grenoside woods...saw the biggest solstice free party in the area for years...
about 1000 people enjoyed a wicked night that came together right at the last minute...

in the daytime on saturday some of the people who were putting on parties that night met up and decided to pool resources

in the end four systems set up...trouble....t.r.a...the shop and N.T.A... playing everything themes

the place was like a mini festival...there was a burger van...a juice stall and craft stalls

as with all the best parties the mix of folk was diverse

the police knew about the party but didn't seem much interested in us...we even had reports of the police showning people the way to the site

the whole thing went off very smoothly (we think)...we would love this to be the beggining of more united soundsystem actions in sheff

love & destroy
t.r.a. collective

t.r.a. collective


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