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Riseup Radio Report on day one of the Occupation of Nottingham University

29-01-2009 04:58

We speak to four students about their experiences on the first night of the occupation of room B62 in the Law and Social Science Building at University of Nottingham.

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Breaking News: Student Occupation at Nottingham University

28-01-2009 23:24

A sizable group of Nottingham students have tonight occupied a large lecture hall in the Law and Social Sciences building at Nottingham University. This action appears to be both in solidarity with the people of Gaza, and in defence of students' own right to protest and free speech, and students have already indicated a number of demands for action on the part of the University.

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Speech of Craig Murray to Students Occupying Cambridge University Law Faculty

28-01-2009 03:03

Despite being denied proper access to the Law Faculty building, ex-ambassador Craig Murray spoke and answered questions from the entrance for over 45 minutes. He spoke on the US war in Central Asia for control over natural gas pipelines, Lord Taylor of Blackburn and other war profiteers, and anti-Muslim propaganda in the media. Murray explicitly supported several key demands of the occupation as reasonable: that the university withdraw investment from the arms trade; that there be bursaries for Palestinian students; and that the university condemn Israel's recent actions towards Gaza.

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Milano-Let’s take back Cox 18, the Calusca Library and the Primo Moroni archive!

27-01-2009 01:57

[Milano - Italy]
The 22nd of January 2009 at 7.00 am, about a hundred policeman has entered and cleared out the Cox 18 - Conchetta Squat, occupied more than 33 years ago, where has place the Calusca library, created in 1971, and the precious and historical archive Primo Moroni.

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Sussex occupation: Discussion on boycott of Israel Mon 7pm

25-01-2009 21:59

Please join us to discuss the question of the boycott of Israeli produce and academic institutions tomorrow at 7pm in our occupied space: Arts A2.

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No CCTV Meeting 27th Jan

25-01-2009 10:31

No CCTV on the Cowley Road next steps Meeting 27/1/09

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Conchetta Social Centre, Milano: Eviction and mobilisation

24-01-2009 17:28

Milan / Italy - On Jan 22th the historical centro sociale-squatt Conchetta (also called Cox18) was evicted by an action of force organized by the Police as requested by the right-racist-neoliberist municipality of Milan.

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Gaza Appeal - BBC Complaints Line

24-01-2009 13:52

BBC receiving a growing number of complaints regarding their decision to refuse to Broadcast Gaza Appeal.

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Analysis of UK University Occupations.

24-01-2009 01:37

Initial response to the wave of occupations in a dozen universities across the country in solidarity with Gaza. The Theorillas [Theory-Guerillas] are an affinity group throwing theory at the movement.

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Cambridge University Gaza Solidarity Occupation

23-01-2009 21:39

An eyewitness report from the Cambridge University Occupation in
solidarity with Gaza

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Dukes, Squatters, Travellers and Mortgages

22-01-2009 19:32

Three very different and apparently unrelated housing stories appeared in
today's news: 92% rise in repossessions, parklane squatters and a High Court decision whih woll mean the eviction of Dale Farm, a Irish Traveler Site in Essex.

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Leeds Uni Occupied!

22-01-2009 18:24

Leeds University has been occupied!

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Occupation of Manchester Metropolitan University in solidarity with Gaza

22-01-2009 16:38

MMU Students are currently occupying lecture theatre 7 of the Geoffrey Manton building in solidarity with Gaza

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Solidarity with Arab students in Haifa university

22-01-2009 08:17

We Palestinian Arab students at Haifa University strongly condemn the discriminative polices and practices employed by the administration of the university against its Arab students.

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Sussex Occupation: To all other occupying students

21-01-2009 23:21

A communique to all universities occupying in solidarity with Palestinians from the Sussex occupation.

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Sussex University occupation for a free Palestine DEMANDS

21-01-2009 09:38

Yesterday evening Sussex university students occupied a main lecture theatre in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Please send statements of support or enquiries to

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Kings College London Occupation in solidarity with Gaza

20-01-2009 20:59

Over 50 students occupied a lecture theatre thismorning at Kins College University of London to demand the immediate revocation of Shimon Peres's Honorary Doctorate

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Students are occupying Arts LR4, University of Birmingham - Solidarity with Gaza

20-01-2009 09:49

A group of students are occupying Arts LR4 in solidarity with Gaza and Palestinian students and are asking for people to join and support their occupation. There is more on their website:, including a full statement and demands!

This follows occupations by SOAS, LSE, and Essex in the past week.

Get down to Arts LR4 to express your support!