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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Free graphic designs for all groups from Chew Designs.

13-04-2011 00:26

Haiti - Aid or Invasion (Public meeting poster)
New revolutionary graphic designer is offering to produce poster & flyer designs, badge designs, tshirt designs, and any other graphics for absolutely free.

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Machism on Brazilian social movements

10-04-2011 21:35

Self-defense feminist against a male chauvinist militant from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Eviction resistance @ Social Centre Plus this Tuesday!

09-04-2011 20:43

Social Centre Plus, the occupied Job Centre on Deptford High Street, faces an attempted eviction by bailiffs this Tuesday morning and we want YOU to help us defend it!

We need people to demonstrate against the would-be closure of the space outside the front entrance from 10AM ONWARDS.

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Social Centre Plus Face Eviction this Tuesday

07-04-2011 23:07

Local residents who occupied the old Job Centre on Deptford High Street with the aim of “converting it into an anti-cuts space for the community” have responded to a legally binding eviction order for this Tuesday by announcing a series of events, culminating in a "mass meeting of anti-cuts activists" the night before. The collective – who go by the name of Social Centre Plus – also plan to bring the local community together against the government’s budget cuts, with spoken word concerts, children’s days, film showings and market day cafés.

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Green FREE Festival

07-04-2011 12:13

Free family Eco Festy

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You are cordially invited ...

06-04-2011 19:40

No money for schools, hospitals or libraries? Let’s have a bloody big wedding with the money instead then!

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Call out for zine contributions from those arrested in the Anti- Cuts movement

04-04-2011 23:41

CALLING ALL those arrested, detained, charged,or bailed in connection with the Anti Cuts movemENT- we want your voice!

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Stapleford Community Farm

03-04-2011 00:54

This coming weekend we are gathering on the land at Field Farm, Stapleford, Notts to discuss setting up a community here this spring. Acoustic music and food on the friday night, and a chance to check out the site and local area.

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Lying Brent Council

01-04-2011 15:37

Charteris sports centre in Kilburn NW London stolen from the people by Brent council

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Autonomous Center in Cologne/Germany will be evicted!

30-03-2011 18:34

the squat
The squat exists since a year. Since monday the Sparkasse KölnBonn (local bank) wants its eviction, since than the squat is in negotiation with official politicians. The mayor denies his responsibility for the eviction. Tomorrow it will be evicted by the police.

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Critical Mass Friday Brighton

24-03-2011 02:51

get in
aaaaaargh bike me up babeeeeeee

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Sleep-in at Trafalgar Sq against proposed ban on rough sleeping

23-03-2011 13:26

Westminster have proposed a new byelaw to ban rough sleeping and the provision of free food in public spaces in the borough. A mass sleep-in is being organised to protest the ban, which is due to take place at 7pm at Trafalgar Square this Saturday, 26th March.

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0742 Club - Evicted

22-03-2011 19:42

the 0742 club has been evicted, we are looking to relocate to a new home as soon as we possibily can. keep your eyes peeled

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The Common Place is closing 24th April

22-03-2011 19:09

closing statement

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The criminalisation of squatting

22-03-2011 17:06


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Defend land in stapleton - Anyone interested?

22-03-2011 01:58

possible new site in nottinghamshire

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Food Not Bombs – I'm Loving It

20-03-2011 20:26

Pictures from last weekend's free lunch

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Rossport Solidarity Camp is Up!

20-03-2011 19:07

Today 20 people helped set up the foundations of the 2011 Rossport Solidarity Camp

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March 26th: Occupy Everything!

19-03-2011 22:24

Let's turn March 26th into a Day of Occupations. Why we need to occupy ... and how.

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Members of the 0742 club arrested!!!

18-03-2011 16:14

Last night (at approximately 11pm) three people involved in the organisation of the 0742 club (The art collective and squatted building on the moor) were arressted for theft; merely for attempting to take food that had been thrown away from the bins at Waitrose on Corporation Street in Sheffield.