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Rossport Solidarity Camp is Up!

Rossport Solidarity Camp | 20.03.2011 19:07 | Rossport Solidarity | Free Spaces | History | Ocean Defence | World

Today 20 people helped set up the foundations of the 2011 Rossport Solidarity Camp

This weekend we have put up the main marquee and built one large communal structure for sleeping. The weather has been good, we had lots of people come up and were able to get loads done.

We are holding another work weekend this coming weekend to finish off setting the camp up and are asking for people to come and help us. Of course you are welcome to come at any time during the week as well.

Shell will be carrying out survey work this week and we will be attempting to stop them. We need people to come up and take part in the actions against the survey work.

If you cannot make it up please continue to watch the updates and remain ready to come up when Shell start to fence off their compound and the days of mass action will begin.

Rossport Solidarity Camp
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