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Bollox to the Royal Wedding! BBQ

30-04-2011 20:54

The Fargate Speaker invited Sheffield to a "Bollox to the Royal Wedding! BBQ", on 29th April 2011 and around 90 people turned out, there was lots of nice food, some theatre and some football and some great converstations and meetings of old friends and new ones, and no police to be seen.

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Nevermind the Royal Wedding street party

30-04-2011 10:31

I went to the anti-royal wedding street party held on Manzil Way, Cowley on the 'big day'.

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Brighton: Gustav Landauer and Early German Anarchism - Booktalk 4th May

30-04-2011 06:51

Gustav Landauer and Early German Anarchism
Booktalk by Gabriel Kuhn
7pm 4th May 2011

The Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton
Brighton’s collectively run libertarian social centre

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Not The Royal Wedding Photos

29-04-2011 20:55

Republic Street Party.
Red Lion Square
29 April 2011

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Stokes Croft warms up again! - thurs night/fri morn

29-04-2011 00:36

One week on from the infamous 'Battle of Stokes Croft' history appears to be repeating itself as local residents gather to let the police know just what they think of state sanctioned occupation techniques from a police force which currently receives little empathy and no respect from those it is supposed to serve.

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28-04-2011 20:21

Camberwell social support network.

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Met raid homes of campaigners against Anti-squatting law

28-04-2011 16:11

Yesterday 2 squats and one other property in Brighton and Hove were raided by Met police from London, looking for known activists. The squats were illegally evicted and around 6-10 people arrested. They were part of a group campaigning against Hove MP Mike Weatherley's attempts to criminalise squatting

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London Social Centres raided

28-04-2011 07:16

At least two London Social Centres raided this morning - police have broken into the Ratstar and Offmarket autonomous spaces.

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Anti-royal roadshow free space hitting Newcastle

27-04-2011 20:07

The anti royal wedding roadshow is coming to Newcastle for a few night only feel free to join us it all starts 2 o'clock on Friday at monument.

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Calais No Borders: stepping up the struggle

27-04-2011 17:43

AH freedom
A busy month on the border watch as activists release "Videos of Shame" to spotlight police repression; the cops hit back with more violence; ... and the struggle continues.

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Police Attempt to Disrupt Benefit Gigs in South London

25-04-2011 23:30

On Saturday 23rd of April and Sunday 24th of April, the Metropolitan Police attempted to harass and intimidate the management of two established and fully licensed venues with intelligence gathering - or 'fishing' - exercises. The two venues, both in the Borough of Lambeth in South London, were set to host benefit parties for FITwatch and London Student Solidarity Campaign respectively.

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Press Release: Secret Climate Camp Location Revealed To Be Lewes, East Sussex

23-04-2011 12:52

Climate activists have swooped on the grounds of recently closed special education needs school in the heart of Lewes. The swoop took place at dawn this morning, with activists erecting marquees, eco-toilets and kitchens. The camp, which is overlooked by East Sussex County Hall, expects hundreds of activists and visitors to be arriving at the camp over the next week.

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Cop vehicles and Tescos smashed in Bristol (Stokescroft) riot last night.

22-04-2011 09:59

Just a brief couple of pieces from the mainstream (ish) press and the police themselves.

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Police Brutality In Bristol..

22-04-2011 01:58

Stokes Croft

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Rough Music #26 April/May Out Now!

20-04-2011 22:39

Yer bi-monthly, dirt-digging, rabble-rousing scandal sheet is on the streets of Brighton 'n Hove now.

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UG#544 - Living Arrangements Beyond Nation States

20-04-2011 10:00

We look at the past present and future of the US city, against a backdrop of peak oil. We begin with an interview with James Howard Kunstler on the development of urban design in the 20th century. Then Jeff Tomlin speaks on Alive Transportation, Fitness, Safety, Community and Trust. We conclude with Jeff Vail on transitioning away from hierarchies such as nation states towards "scale free self-sufficiency".

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Dissident Island Radio 15 April - ready for download

17-04-2011 18:53

Temporary Autonomous Art // WAG // Ian Tomlinson inquest // Counter Olympics Network // London Mexico Solidarity Group // Freddy Frog

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New squatted social centre in Manchester

14-04-2011 16:04

The OKasional cafe collective have struck again occupying an ex-information center in the heart of Manchester.

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Climate Camp – South Coast: Resurrection for the Insurrection

14-04-2011 14:08

Imagine another world. A world where people matter, where the outstanding issues of the day, climate change, community resilience and workers rights are addressed and we can look forward to a more radical and sustainable future.

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7th May 2011 - Demo, occupation and much more in Nantes (France)

14-04-2011 00:24

!! 7th MAY 2011 !!
*** Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France) ***