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Press Release: Secret Climate Camp Location Revealed To Be Lewes, East Sussex

South Coast Climate Camp | 23.04.2011 12:52 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | South Coast

Climate activists have swooped on the grounds of recently closed special education needs school in the heart of Lewes. The swoop took place at dawn this morning, with activists erecting marquees, eco-toilets and kitchens. The camp, which is overlooked by East Sussex County Hall, expects hundreds of activists and visitors to be arriving at the camp over the next week.

Ian Ratcliffe said: "It's been a dramatic start to what's going to be a week full of workshops, sustainable living and direct action against both local and national cuts and climate targets."

"We're in a beautiful location here in Lewes, surrounded by woods and overlooking the oil-threatened South Downs. People should come down, have a cup of tea and check out what's going on for themselves."

The campers have named oil-drillling on the South Downs, an incinerater in Newhaven and a proposed biofuel power station in Shoreham as potential local targets during the week.

The 30th of May has been named as a day of mass action which for the first time with combine both cuts and climate grievences.

Jenny Walker, one of those who took part in the swoop said: "With these massive cuts to public services, governments are making ordinary people pay for a crisis caused by the banks. But it is these same banks, fixated by the idea of profit at anyone’s and anything’s expense, that continue to bankroll climate-wrecking projects the world over."

"We are now, effectively, paying for our own destruction, this camp is about making the intrinsic link between the economic system and the climate crisis"


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