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1. Day after eviction of Ungdomshuset - TIMELINE

02-03-2007 17:30

The day after the eviction of Ungdomshuset and the following demonstrations, barricades and riots in Copenhagen, the police is expecting more troubles. Activists are meeting tonight and a few happenings are taking place around town. Things have been planned for tonight and the fight is obviously not over yet! A lot of people have now been detained for 14 days or more.

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Ungdomshuset Solidarity Demo

02-03-2007 15:15

Reporting from the demo by mobile

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Ruths facistpolice clears the Youthhouse in Copenhagen!! Se all about it!!

02-03-2007 13:09


Ruths fascistpolice clears the Youthhouse in Copenhagen!!

Se all about it!!

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Polish solidarity with Ungdomshuset

02-03-2007 09:37

Poznań (consulate) -
And today around 2pm (1pm in UK) in Warsaw -

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Ungdomshuset Solidarity Demo Friday London

02-03-2007 01:15


Meet 2pm HYDE PARK CORNER, inside on park
Bring banners, flags, leaflets, noisemakers....

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Police evicts social centre 'Ungdomshuset' in Copenhagen

01-03-2007 19:32

After a long political and legal battle the basis-democratic, alternative political and cultural centre 'Ungdomshuset' was forcefully evicted by riot police and airborne anti-terror squads this morning. Ensuing demonstrations have seen large-scale confrontations between protestors and heavy-handed police, here is the full story from Copenhagen.

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Invitation to Trans Hack Meeting 2007 in Oslo

01-03-2007 18:41

This meeting won’t be organized by anyone else other than you: bring your workshop, your debate, the things you’ve studied this year, the things you want to talk about, the reasons and projects why you’d like to meet other hackers - and you don’t need to be a geek to be a hacker!

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Pics of the brutal eviction of Ungdomshuset, Denmark.

01-03-2007 18:22

Police raided brutally Ungdomshuset today. Many people are severely hurt. Many arrested. Pics of the eviction:

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Ungdomshuset evicted - Protests everywhere!

01-03-2007 16:29

The police is in Ungdomshuset. Around the neighbourhood and in the rest of the city there are actions, happenings, events and fighting. There is a demonstration starting at 17.00 which has just been surrounded by police. Calls for international support!

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Birmingham Critical Mass Bike Ride this Friday 2nd March!

01-03-2007 12:48

The Birmingham Critical Mass bike ride will meet this Friday 2nd March at 6.00pm at St. Paul's Cathedral (aka Pigeon Park).

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uwaga!!! ungdomshuset is being evicted now

01-03-2007 07:56

ungdomshuset (the youth house) in copenhagen, is being evicted by danish police as of 0600 this morning.
this eviction has been pending since december 2006 and will be massively resisted.
extreme police oppression is expected
please take solidarity actions against targets of the danish state and facist christianity worldwide
love and rage

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Video-chronicle: Demonstration supporting CSO Eskuela Taller and the squatters

28-02-2007 01:48

Last february 24th 1000 people participated in a demonstration for the defense of the CSO Eskuela Taller and the squatters and ocuppied spaces. The mobilization claimed self-organization, self-management, and autonomy as fighting weapons against institutional repression and capitalism.
Video and music produced by La Plataforma.

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EOCC Social Club License Suspended & How You Can Help

27-02-2007 23:22

The EOCC Social Club has had to suspend its own entertainments license to buy more time to prevent council from shutting them down. You have now been given the time.

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One Year To Save The Feminist Library

26-02-2007 23:03

For a number of years the Feminist Library has existed in a state of permanent emergency, with a dwindling number of volunteers to take part in running the library, uncertainty about its location and a precarious financial situation. A meeting was held on 24 February to decide on whether to close the library for good. At the meeting a great deal of support was voiced for the library, and it was decided to make one last attempt to save the collection.

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East Oxford Social Club Threatened With Immediate Termination

25-02-2007 19:04

A small minority of Council members have acted unethically to terminate the East Oxford Social Club sometime this week.

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Greece, Athens: Announcement for the events of the educational march (22/2/07)

24-02-2007 17:14

"the fight for a Public, Free and Social University will transform the fake dilemma of state or private University into the pragmatic and really essential dilemma: FREEDOM or CAPITALISM! ..."

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Critical Mass for freedom of movement

23-02-2007 19:15

There was a poor turn out for the February Critical Mass in Gothenburg but the day was not entirely lost.

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Political Trashing

23-02-2007 14:52

Destroy your political enemy. A how to guide

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Vortex Mobilisation for Anti-War Protest: Sat 24Th Feb

22-02-2007 22:18

The Ex-Vortex Social Centre is organising a bloc within the autonomous bloc for the coming pro-peace Anti-Trident missiles demonstration in central London this saturday 24th Feb.

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autonomous bloc on 'No-Trident' demo... why and how

22-02-2007 18:43

There is to be an autonomous bloc on this saturdays no trident replacement demo. There have been large and succesful autonomous blocs on demos recentley, hopefully this will be no exeption!