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Invitation to Trans Hack Meeting 2007 in Oslo

sub | 01.03.2007 18:41 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Technology

This meeting won’t be organized by anyone else other than you: bring your workshop, your debate, the things you’ve studied this year, the things you want to talk about, the reasons and projects why you’d like to meet other hackers - and you don’t need to be a geek to be a hacker!

===== WHAT? =====

The "Transnational Hackmeeting" will take place on June 15th, 16th and 17th 2007 in Oslo, Norway. On an international scale will it bring together a wide range of groups and individuals, defining themselves as hackers": coders, network explorers, radical activists, cyberfeminists, curious & inventive people, mediactivists, cyberpunks, gnus, crypto-anarchists and miscellaneous (digital) rebels. The "reality-hacking" principle will prevail: no need to be a geek to be a hacker; better freely express your creativity, subvertise common tools by using them in a different way to bypass obstacles!

For some years there have been a number of meetings of hackers, hacktivist and media activist which have all followed the principle of self-organising a space where people with a hacker ethic, applied to whatever area you can think of - from technology to politics to reality itself - could meet, share and think together about new ways of transforming the world around them.

These meetings have been held in different locations at a national, regional, local and neighbourhood level, uniting very different people who have been brought together by their passion for technology, communication, social change, and connecting people, things and paradigms. The meetings have met with lots of enthusiasm and the feeling that a diverse community centred around these themes is possible.

This year would be nice to extend the boundaries of the playground reaching Scandinavia, a region of geographical Europe often isolated from getting sun rays of inspiration from the "southern struggles".

This meeting won't be organized by anyone else other than you: bring your workshop, your debate, the things you've studied this year, the things you want to talk about, the reasons and projects why you'd like to meet other hackers - and you don't need to be a geek to be a hacker!

===== WHO? =====

The "Transnational Hackmeeting" aims at extending the ongoing southern european hackmeeting movement. Since a few years, it has allowed alternative/autonomous militant cultures and hacking/free software movements to meet, exchange and mix. The "Transnational Hackmeeting" is willing to expand this beyond geographical borders; to spread this hybrid and autonomous culture; to benefit from contacts with similar movements in Europe; to meet eastern countries that are often ignored and isolated.

===== HOW? =====

The "Transnational Hackmeeting" is self-organized: no central committee, but an open and transparent organisational process, through a permanent assembly on the Internet, using the thk-at-autistici-dot-org mailing-list (open subscription!) and a wiki; no sponsorship, but good will, shared hardware, mutual aid and knowledge from all the people involved; no paid lecturer, but free workshops, organized by volunteers for interested people; a flexible programme, evolving thanks to the participants.

To help those in scarce economical condition, Humla has saved some little money from previous arrangements and puts them available especially to contributors from eastern Europe to cover their visas expenses.
But some motivated expenses of other form could also be covered (according to availability and a consensual decision).

===== WHERE? =====

The "Transnational Hackmeeting" will take place at Hausmania (, an autonomous culture house located in
Oslo, Norway. There will be a big sleeping space, a restaurant, and several functional spaces to organize lectures, seminars, concerts, barbecues and parties.
The "main arena" of the event will be the anarchist hacklab/internet cafe Humla ( located in the very heart of the huge building of Hausmania. It features 10 stationary machines connected to the infernet, a server room in the basement with different services running, a web radio postation ( listen to [[]] ),a wireless accesspoint, a video projector, a big hi-fi system, an infoshop with radical books, a collection of hardware composed of pieces of different nature and quality ready to use, a relatively big backyard for barbecues or slacking.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful location: [[gallery]]

===== HOW TO GET THERE? =====

Using low cost airlines and booking with good advance in time, can allow a traveller to reach oslo "on a budget" (under 100€).
Busses also can be very convenient, especially when the distance is not excessive or the time available sufficient.

If you are planning to come by plane is possible to fly on the two main airports in the region that are
Gardermoen (OSL) [[]]
and Torp (TRF) [[{idPodRiuZZK5a2FWAVEJpbX}〈=en]].
From both airports there is a bus service to connect to Oslo center.
Train is definitely more expensive.

If you are coming to Oslo by bus,(both travelling from abroad by plane or by bus) you will surely arrive at the bussterminal in the center of town, next to the huge Radisson plaza skyscraper, located in Sonja Henies plass. From there to Hausmania is a 15 minutes walk.

Here is some maps to help you reach Hausmania:

===== WHAT ELSE? =====

More infos can be found by browsing the wiki.
Now let's spread the word, prepare your equipments, bring your ideas and friends, along with whatever you want to share as workshops, projections, performances... see you there!

As a purely logistical informational aid to the organization of the meeting, we kindly ask you (if/when you know) to let us know when and with how many people you will be arriving. This is just to be sure there is enough lodging space for everyone. Leave your message in the [[Lounge]].

Please insert your contrubution in the [[Program]] of the meeting!
The program is empty at the moment.

To join the horizontal & participative organisation process, you should also subscribe to the mailing-list on [[]].
To edit the contents of this pages subscribe here[[]].

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