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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Squatters resist Church eviction

12-05-2008 14:04

"As we forgive those who trespass against us"

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Harrods anti-fur protest, London. 10.05.08

11-05-2008 19:41

Images from the anti-fur trade protest outside Harrods department store, 10.05.08

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Free software revolution in Latin America

10-05-2008 22:59

The stronghold for the free software revolution has migrated to Latin America. All throughout Central & South America, socialistrevolutionaries have been taking power and one of the tools in their revolutionary arsenal is free software and free knowledge.

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violent squat eviction overseen by Notts police

09-05-2008 11:55

Yesterday an empty and poorly maintained building in the Sherwood area was squatted by a group of people in need of housing with the aim of providing a space for many others in a similar situation.

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Newcastle green festival 7/8 june

08-05-2008 09:10

Free green festival newcastle upon tyne,leases park 7/8 june.
no corperate sponsers,no cars,reclaim your planet
12pm till 6pm with after parties round the city

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Save the Spike Surplus Scheme

07-05-2008 19:36

The Spike Surplus Scheme in Peckham is under threat from Southwark Council which has threatened to sell off the land. Please sign the petition and help to save the only free creative space in Peckham.

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Plod Can't Out-Punk Faslane Picnic

07-05-2008 17:43

Police prevented car-park access and forced vans to park on the verge
Faslane Peace Camp hosted a Punx Picnic on the West Coast of Scotland at the weekend. Despite obstructive behaviour from the MoD and the real police, the event was a success.

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Mapuche tours Europe

07-05-2008 14:02

Moira in Brighton
Mapuche woman Moira Millan is currently giving talks in UK as part of a tour in fight against dams and orther corporate projects in Patagonia

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Whitechapel Food Not Bombs - One year on

06-05-2008 16:22

Food Not Bombs in Altab Ali park
Through thick and thin, rain and sunshine, Whitechapel Food Not Bombs has been serving free vegan meals in the streets of London every (almost) Saturday for over a year.

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Euromayday in Terrassa: The Precarious are Rebelling!

02-05-2008 19:13

Santa Precaria appears at Terrassa Mayday 08

1 May 2008. In the early evening, a festive Euromayday Parade took the streets of Catalan city of Terrassa in the metropolitan perifery of Barcelona. Its demands for social rights were highlighted by several actions in specific places in town. The parade was lead by a truck, where Chikiprecario and Supervivienda from the viral housing campaign V de Vivienda) entertained the crowd with choreographies, supported by a hip hop crew. Euromayday Terrassa is a node in the EuroMayDay Network, where precarized people in many cities are cooperating to create a political expression against "precarityof work and live".

chickiprecario video | report & pics [es] | chainworkers interview

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“The first May Fayre in Mayfair for 300 years.”

02-05-2008 17:30

Cross-dressing 18th century lords and ladies gather to reinstate the celebration of the May Fayre in central London. Police couldn't help but tap their feet...

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Dissident Island - Coming from our new home

02-05-2008 15:13

Nice little show for tonight, plus we're very excited to be coming at you out our new home in the (yet to be named) Shoreditch social centre

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InfoUsurpa Guide & Offline News

02-05-2008 11:14

London Indymedia Offline and InfoUsurpa are published together every two weeks in a 4-page sheet. This edition covers the first 2 weeks of May...

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The Tumbledown Dick

29-04-2008 12:03

protest rally to save Tumbledown Dick
The Tumbledown Dick, an old pub, an old coaching inn in Farnborough, faces an uncertain future as it has closed down and been boarded up.

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Street Blitz London, 1-15 May 2008

29-04-2008 10:56

After a moderately successful first run last July the fortnight of street-art returns to London. The concept is simple but potentially very effective and by utilising the power of the Internet (and benefiting from a growing common ‘net literacy amongst the great unwashed) it opens up the whole city as a gallery space; and not confining it to internal, controlled and possibly inaccessible spaces.

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Mars Attacks!

28-04-2008 15:15

Fairtrade venue boarded up with workers still inside!

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Faslane Beltane/Punx Piknik

28-04-2008 11:18

Music & Mischeif

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South Yorkshire Pride

27-04-2008 20:55

Sheffield plays host to South Yorkshire Pride on 7th June