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Brum social centre audio

08-12-2004 01:45

One of the Nursery collective talking about the squatted social centre, the eviction and the future of the collective.

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Maelstrom infosquat - 7 Weeks On

07-12-2004 12:28

Maelstrom is an info-squat based in Leeds. We are entering our seventh week in occupation of the building, which we have made our home and collective project.

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Bournbrook squat evicion alert for Monday

05-12-2004 12:53

Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas

its that time of year again folks when Birmingham city council looks at their lists to see whos been naughty and whos been nice and decides to evict the lot of them regardless

Next on their list is us

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December events @ Maelstrom

02-12-2004 19:27

Events for December so far....

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02-12-2004 13:53

The Zanon ceramic tile factory, a democratic, worker-run factory in Patagonia, is facing a serious threat of eviction, and the workers have asked us to gather international support for their struggle.

To sign the petition, please click here:

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benefit pARTy 17th/18th December

01-12-2004 04:27

ramPARTY flyer - please distribute
it’s rampARTy time!!

rampART will soon have been open for six months and we’ll be celebrating with a couple of partys (and hopefully raising some dosh for electric and phone bills)

the rampART centre, 15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA
Fri 17th & Sat 18th December - Needless to say, you are invited.

Throughout the last six months many groups have made use the space and resources provided by the rampART. All events have been free or by donations and the rampART has never taken any kind of 'cut' from the various benefit events that have taken place. Now, with big bill to pay, we need to raise some dosh to keep the project going so please help to promote this event in anyway you can.

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Soladarity action with Can Masdeu a squat in Barcelona

30-11-2004 13:52

Activist from Can Masdeu blockaded the spanish embassy today in soladarity with their mates who are in court today as the state tries to uses the law to commit more environmental and social destruction.

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"Proud of Britain": Googlebombing New Labour

30-11-2004 05:33

What can you do about the Labour Party's new shameless campaign, which asks you to tell them "what makes you proud of Britain"?

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CCTV mapping meeting monday maelstrom

28-11-2004 11:13

a meeting regarding an on-going CCTV mapping project in leeds is to be held at maelstrom this monday evening

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APPEAL « A Caravan for Palestine - a Caravan for Human Rights - 2005 »

26-11-2004 23:26

We, women and men drawn from different cultural and social backgrounds, conscious that we all belong to one human race, are appealing for international action in support of human rights and dignity .
In relation to Palestine this dignity and these rights have been flouted with the complicity of governments world-wide.The resistance of the Palestinian population calls for the support of internationl civil society.
A caravan with Palestine as its destination seems to us to be an initiative which can mobilise enough energy to effectively consolidate this international solidarity.

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rampART print newsletter (nov)

24-11-2004 23:13

We'll everyone else has got something for the anarchist bookfair ;-)

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Liverpool Social Forum- the acorn so far...

23-11-2004 16:42

A group of students from Liverpool University, have decided to begin to take steps towards a new Liverpool Social Forum. First a website and a newsletter, next the world...?

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23-11-2004 10:32


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This Friday is Central London Critical Mass

22-11-2004 23:52

This Friday is Central London Critical Mass
time: 6:15pm ish
place: Under Waterloo Bridge (south side)

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manchester critical mass

22-11-2004 21:30

Get Yer Ass to Critical Mass, Come on anything human powered!
5pm central library 26th november FRIDAY!

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20-11-2004 04:28
queer mutiny now
queers against capitalism

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pir8 radio 4 actikids

20-11-2004 02:29

Illustration - Johnny Depp checks out 'Making Waves'
This is a new booklet called 'Making Waves' which is written for UK activists as a guide to setting up pir8 radio stations.

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Caracas: the opening of a Libertarian Centre & social library

20-11-2004 00:55

* The Venezuelan Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) calls for solidarity with a project which is the first of its kind in our country: the opening (sunday 14th November 2004) of a Libertarian Social Studies Centre (Centro de Estudios Sociales Libertarios - CESL), together with a social library.

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Indymedia 5th Birthday Benefit Party (london) Sat 27th Nov

17-11-2004 20:37

Celebrating 5 Yrs of Indymedia + raising money for new servers after the FBI seizures.

Saturday 27th November 2004

Tufnell Park Community Centre > Entry by donation > Films, exhibitions, bands and DJs

> Fun~Da~Mental > Rhythms of Resistance Samba Band > The Unpeople
> The Rub (electronic set) > Penny Rimbaud (Crass) > Angel >
> The Internationalz > Special guest: the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Tufnell Park community centre, entry by donation
All proceeds to fund new IMC servers.

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17-11-2004 15:58

CALL 07763 754 356