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benefit pARTy 17th/18th December

rampart | 01.12.2004 04:27 | Culture | Free Spaces | London

it’s rampARTy time!!

rampART will soon have been open for six months and we’ll be celebrating with a couple of partys (and hopefully raising some dosh for electric and phone bills)

the rampART centre, 15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA
Fri 17th & Sat 18th December - Needless to say, you are invited.

Throughout the last six months many groups have made use the space and resources provided by the rampART. All events have been free or by donations and the rampART has never taken any kind of 'cut' from the various benefit events that have taken place. Now, with big bill to pay, we need to raise some dosh to keep the project going so please help to promote this event in anyway you can.

ramPARTY flyer - please distribute
ramPARTY flyer - please distribute

The two day event includes an open day on saturday afternoon
with a variety of workshops being laid on by groups and individuals
who have used the space. We also encourage other autonomous
spaces and project from around London and beyond to come
and make presentations thus helping to raise awareness of
the various cool things that are happening and which people can
get involved in. Please contact us if you'd like to get involved.

rampART benefit festival programme

Friday 17th

7pm: Food and alt fashion show
8pm: Open mic and spoken word
9pm: The Rub and Angel
10pm: Surge - live electronic set with visuals
11pm: DJ Milo (Oldskool elktro & funk vibes)
12pm: DJ Fusie (UKG)
1am: , DJ Syo (Hip-hop & rap classix)

Saturday 18th (open-day from midday)

1pm: open source software (creative media lab - 1st floor)
1:30: social centres network (library - 1st floor)
2pm: stenciling (painting room - 2nd floor)
2.30: subvertiseing (painting room - 2nd floor)
3pm: video editing (the hub - 2nd floor)
3.30: screenprinting (painting room - 2nd floor)
4pm: DIY fashion and costume making (costume room - 2nd floor)
4.30: radio workshop (recording studio - 2nd floor)
5pm: drumming and juggling (hall ground floor)

6pm: Food & Schnews Movies, Undercurrents and Real2Reel
8pm: Acoustic music and spoken word.
9pm: Cabaret with Saddam and the Lookalikes
10pm: Colin Halliwell (loud one man four piece rock and roll band)
10.30 Lower Depth (punk)
11pm: Davidcronenbergswife (alternative)
12pm: DJ Sexyrubbersole (DnB)
1am: rampART all stars

Exhibitions: photos, paintings and mixed media paintings around the building

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