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Bournbrook squat evicion alert for Monday

East Midlands supporter | 05.12.2004 12:53 | Free Spaces

Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas

its that time of year again folks when Birmingham city council looks at their lists to see whos been naughty and whos been nice and decides to evict the lot of them regardless

Next on their list is us


Bournbrook Nursery Social Centre, formed back in late August to provide an autonomous space for the community to use. Hosting film nights supported by Birmingham Indymedia, providing a safe meeting space for local groups such as Birmingham Bi Womens and West Midlands Anarchists. Holding Chigong Chinese standing meditation and an maintaining an open forum for the local community to discuss the new proposed road development and the use of the secret garden (which the social centre community has cleaned up and put back into use)

The council are set to turn up sometime on Monday so we need some support. THIS EVICTION WILL LEAVE 3 HOMELESS PEOPLE ON THE STREETS A COUPLE OF WEEKS AWAY FROM CHRISTMAS

MONDAY 6th December 2004 from 8am
Bournbrook Social Centre Bournebrook Road Selly Oak
opposite Birmingham Uni gates on the bristol road (take bus 61, 62, 63 from corporation street)

Bring whistles, pots n pans to play, costume, anger 'n'ya energy, humour.

To be honest its been a hard slog guys, but weve seen some worthwhile things come out of this space. Any help recieved, even if it is just a 'good luck' call/txt/email is well appreciated and does loads to help boost people down at the centre.

For Every Eviction Another Occupation

love and rage

Bournbrook Nursery Social Centre Collective

email support (which will go up on the Nursery Notice board


reclaimed!! pictures and first reports from the nursery

eviction papers

community space not lottery waste (with picture of secret garden)

council takes squatters to court

wish us luck xx

East Midlands supporter
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