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Liverpool Social Forum- the acorn so far...

Ant | 23.11.2004 16:42 | Free Spaces | Liverpool

A group of students from Liverpool University, have decided to begin to take steps towards a new Liverpool Social Forum. First a website and a newsletter, next the world...?

Following the recent European Social Forum in London, the idea of forming a free and autonomous Liverpool Social Forum has been in the air. Much of the ESF was creative, exciting and inspiring, but much of it was quite the opposite. It partially failed in creating an fully open space for reasoned discussion and ideas to take place, and the LSF is our chance to devolve into a smaller, more manageable, more effective force.

In keeping with other social fora, it will be shaped by those who choose to participate and will not be held down to tight dogma or ideology, i.e. it is a free space. As its name implies, it is a forum: it will welcome all progressive and radical ideas. So far, we have a web site and newssheet, but these are small, and hopefully it will expand and change naturally, according to those participating within it.

The LSF has been created by students at Liverpool University for all who wish to participate in it, and as such, it is not up to any founding members to decide where the forum will go, what it will do, or what it will specifically stand for. We, as founding members of LSF, therefore encourage all sectors of the community in Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area. As students, our residence here will be transient, but non-student residents in Liverpool will remain. It is therefore intended not to be a student-centric grouping.

Anyone who wishes to lend their expertise towards this new grouping, or those who wish to be kept informed, can email
We intend to organise a public meeting to launch the LSF in the next few weeks, please keep an eye on the lSF website and Indymedia Liverpool

Yours for global justice,
One founding member of the LSF

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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