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December events @ Maelstrom

Maelstromer | 02.12.2004 19:27 | Free Spaces

Events for December so far....

>>>Friday 3rd December SSP Benefit Dinner @ Maelstom. Dinner and and glass of wine or juice £3.50 per person.
There will be a display of Bougainvillian Photo's before a brief talk on S.S.P and an update on the the situation in Bougainville followed by eating, music and a bar!

>>>Tuesday 7th December at 7.30pm we will be discussing 'Against the Corpse Machine', by Ashen Ruins. It is availble as a pamphlet from Maelstrom or online here:

>>>Weds 8th December at 6pm TRAPESE - The Trapese Collective is touring Britain holding workshops about the g8 in the build up to the g8 meeting in Gleneagles in July 2005. The workshops will be interactive featuring games, info, updates and videos: TRAPESE facilitate workshops on
1)background to the G8, how it came to be and why its important to mobilise
against them.
2)Climate Change and the Government Greenwash,
3)Dissent! history of G8 resistance, ideas for action and networking and
training for local groups.

>>>Friday 10th December - Films to fit in with A-Spire - TBC! (Watch this space).

>>>Tuesday 14th December at 7.30pm we will be discussing 'Moments of Excess' by the Leeds May Day Group. It is availble for free at Maelstrom.

>>>Wednesday 15th, 7pm Maelstrom open for Cafe etc.

>>>Thursday 16th 7pm, Subvertising

>>>Saterday December 18th - As a fund-raiser for the new Leeds ABC group there will be a day of prison films. The programme is as follows and we hope to have food and beer available (in addition to the porridge!)
11.00am - Porridge breakfast with 'Porridge' the film. Fancy dress optional!
1.30pm - 'Das Experiment' - Powerful German film about a prison experiment.
4.00pm - 'Murder In The First' - Alcatraz is put on trial. Starring Kevin Bacon, Gary Oldman, and Christian Slater.
7.30pm - 'The Shawshank Redemption' - Award-winning prison drama starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.

Maelstrom is in the old post office, hydepark corner, leeds, LS6