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Maelstrom infosquat - 7 Weeks On

A Maelstromer | 07.12.2004 12:28 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Technology

Maelstrom is an info-squat based in Leeds. We are entering our seventh week in occupation of the building, which we have made our home and collective project.

We have hosted over the past seven weeks talks and discussions on nanotechnology, biometrics, new repressive laws, security culture, CCTV, ID Cards, the draft mental health bill, the prison society and prisoner support. We have also had workshops on subvertiseing, squat electrics and a squat skill-share as well as pirate bingo and a benefit meal for 'Solidarity South Pacific'. There is an ongoing café run on a donations basis, as well as a space where others can hold their meetings, a weekly radical reading group (every Tuesday) and a CCTV mapping project has been launched from the squat.

Some of the events soon to come or in the planning stages at Maelstrom include a day of prison related films to tie in with Leeds ABC's prisoner solidarity weekend (Dec 18th), the G8 TRAPESE roadshow (Dec 8th), a talk on surrealism (tbc) and films and talks to tie in with A-Spire (all tbc).

There is also currently a display of Bougainvillian photo's up in the building (Bougainville is one of the countries SSP is involved in supporting resistance in).

So we hope you will help to support this project in any way you can.

Maelstrom is located in the Old Post Office, Hyde Park Corner, Leeds, LS6 (opp Piana’s Pizzas).

A Maelstromer


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  1. Congratulations — GA