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Critical Mass London 10 years old in April

09-03-2004 00:36

Critical Mass cycle party, ten years of the most fun you can have on a bike!

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Lancaster University Occupation

08-03-2004 17:52

[[:::settin' up:::]]
A group of students and staff at Lancaster University has occupied Alexandra Square in the centre of campus.

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08-03-2004 13:06

Walmart final atempt to remove demonstraters from ossary rd asda site/

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Hackney flats not evicted

08-03-2004 13:04

Most of the flats on estates in the kingsland area have not been evicted, and the situation has calmed down. Some unoccupied places have been smashed & boarded up by the council - I don't know whether any of these are squatters' homes, and the police say they have evicted some crack & smack houses. The council now say they will issue possesion proceedings through the courts, although they may try more DIY evictions in the comming days, especially if any flats are left unocupied.

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Hackney Council are about to illegally evict ten Flats right now ! !

08-03-2004 10:51

10.32 AM, As I write Hackney Council workers have arrived at Whiston Road on the Kingsland Estate to illegally evict dwellers living in ten flats, without applying to the local magistrates court. The police are expected to arrive at any minute to enforce this unlawful proceedure. The dwellers need support to resist this illegal eviction!

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Sherwood Camp , Eviction Update , Call 2 Action

08-03-2004 02:19

A message from those on Site

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The water rats report! ESF EXCLUSIVE

07-03-2004 00:45

Today the SWP used different people to speak at the 2nd European meeting to organises the London ESF. The green party deputy mare spoke but didn’t say anything – just like a politician. Finally, maybe we may perhaps might start thinking about the process… the was a secret smocked filled room were a real deal was done? Except this was the ESF so it was a light open room with lots of people looking on that did the deal… which maybe possibly could perhaps make the London ESF fulfil the principals of the Social forum movement. Please don’t be put off from participating because maybe, possibly, the is a chances the sects that fail to run the show maybe have noticed that they are not as essential as they always insisted.

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Free cafe at Bilston Glen Protest Site

05-03-2004 14:48

Cafe with free food and tea all afternoon. Hopefully some musicians playing in the evening.

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Massive Tree Defence / Eviction in France (jan/feb)

05-03-2004 14:13

Basic info from France where recently thousands of people turned out to defend trees in Grenoble, only to be met by CRS riot police.

If anyone can translate the main articles from Paris Indymedia into english and post them to uk indymedia newswire that'd be great.

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News from Sherwood

05-03-2004 12:17

News from the treetops
News from the Sherwood tree camp at Mansfield Woodhouse in Nottinghamshire.

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05-03-2004 11:27

Thankyou from KLUTZ

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Another Social Centre to open this Friday in Kentish Town!

04-03-2004 12:28

Barricades and Scaffold do not make a social centre!

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A Tale of Two Road Blockades - Blackwood

02-03-2004 18:07

stopping machinery
Tree defenders have been regularly making small blockades on the old railiway track, which is part of the road route and passes the two tree camps. Costain and co who are felling the trees, have to keep removing them to enable access. Not to be outdone, on St. David's Day, contractors themselves erected their own concrete blockade, to block vehicle access to the tree camps!

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Auto organise now

02-03-2004 13:37

a gathering of gatherings..

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Tree Destruction at Blackwood - Pics

01-03-2004 22:41

The whole bank will be levelled
1st March, St David's Day: Pictures from St David's Wood, Blackwood, South Wales, where Costain are building a new road to link together two industrial parks - not that there isn't road access already you understand. A suspension bridge will also be built across the valley further linking the new road to the existing ones. The pictures show the scene along much of the old railway track, however the oldest trees are in the area defended by the two camps. Local support is great, it just needs more bodies on the ground

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Resistance ! (over ground under ground!)

28-02-2004 20:52

'doin it @ blackwood
Direct Action. You know it. Get together with a couple of mates and get down there!

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Events @ Occupied Social Centre

27-02-2004 11:49

Events at the Occupied Social Centre, 93 Fortess Road, Kentish Town, NW5 will continue as normal in resistance to the threat of eviction.

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Social Centre Victory pics.

24-02-2004 13:45

Bailiffs & Babylon Bottle It.

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Eviction Delayed at Occupied Social Centre (Fortess Road)

24-02-2004 13:10

Tuesday 24th February: This morning the planned eviction of the occupied social centre at 93 Fortess Road in Kentish Town, London, was stalled by the presence of around seventy supporters.