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Group Work: arts-related groups, collectives and movements

17-06-2006 10:55

Dear enthusiasts of group work and collaboration:
Please help us build a database of people working in arts and arts-related groups, collectives and movements.

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Matilda Tresspass Hearing

16-06-2006 22:08

Persons unknown X 30 from the Matilda Social Centre, are due in court for tresspass, Yorkshite Forward are claiming possession of 111 Matilda Street in Sheffield.

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Are you listening YORKSHIRE BACKWARDS !

16-06-2006 20:33

Yorkshire Backwards
I know you are you are you as you have cited this website in your court proceedings against the Matilda social centre.

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common place cinema event on 25 June cancelled

16-06-2006 17:18

The Common Place cinema collective has announced that the 'Comedy special' Sunday cinema on the 25 June, 3-6pm, is cancelled. It will be showing the World Cup Final on Sunday 9 July, and beforehand will show some football films to get everyone in the mood.


cinema collective

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Police at Matilda

16-06-2006 12:56

Around 13:45 today, police arrived at Matilda, asking to come inside. People are requested to come down in support of the activists inside. More news as it comes in...

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Bath subvertisers celebrate new look sainsburys

16-06-2006 01:22

Sainsburys celebrated the launch of it's new look store with a lgarish billboard campaign. Bath subvertisers celebrated by using the billboards to highlight the pland sameness and cheap crapiness of supermarkets.

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Bristol Planet Picnic!

15-06-2006 15:05

Pre-Climate Camp Picnic- Bristol Sunday 25th June

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Matilda is a cave! Squatter's Filmnight

15-06-2006 14:31

Film Night on Friday 16th June in Matilda, starting 19.30h.
Featuring the classical squatter movie Themroc (see beneath) and more delightful films.

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15-06-2006 13:56

Here is a animated gif of images from yesterdays eviction at Matilda you have to sit and watch enjoy..

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Change of plans, Sharphill

15-06-2006 02:42

Send these everywhere!
Ahh... look at the Great Crested Newt... Great Crested Cute more like! Couldn't you just eat them up? Well no, they are a protected species, found recently at sharp hill.

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Yorkshire Forward, Matilda and the Discurs of Health and Safety

14-06-2006 23:39

Matilda stays
Now that Yorkshire Forward (YF) has put the dispute over using Matilda to escalation it is important to reflect upon their discursive strategy.
The argument used in this mornings attack on the Social Centre is that health and safety in the building was poor.
By putting forward this argument YF is trying to avoid talking about the real issue of the conflict: Who takes part in the development of the city?

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Perrier Comedy Award ends as Nestle bows to boycott pressure

14-06-2006 22:40

A boycott of the Nestlé Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe was launched in 2001. Today Nestlé announced it was no longer sponsoring the Award and the organiser announced a new sponsor. The demonstration outside the event was part of the protest calendar, but good riddance to Nestlé.

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Matilda Squatted!

14-06-2006 17:15

This building is now squatted...
The Matilda Social Centre in Sheffield was faced with eviction today and in response it was squatted.

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Animal Rights benefit night 17th June - MATILDA Sheffield

14-06-2006 15:51

Party Poster
Animal Rights benefit night 17th June

MATILDA Social Centre Sheffield UK

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14-06-2006 12:40

THE SQUARE O.S.C. will resist its eviction - announcement

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Matilda Social Centre being evicted right now

14-06-2006 09:21

The Matilda Social Centre in Sheffield, is being evicted today, Wednesday 14th June and a request for people to come down to resist this has been made to the matilda email list.

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14-06-2006 08:30

a walk around radical Camberwell
Sunday 25 June 2006
Meet 2pm on Camberwell Green, corner of Camberwell Church St

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City Mine(d) Urban Forum 18 June

14-06-2006 08:07

City Mine(d) invites you to Generalized Empowerment, an investigation in Urban Interventions in London, Brussels and Barcelona with keynote speaker: Saskia Sassen

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Rhythms of Resistance: against the privatisation of social housing

13-06-2006 11:10

The biggest radical samba band hits the streets for the right to have a home!