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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Liverpool squat action

10-10-2006 19:34

There is a plan to open an empty building for a few days of educational workshops and events.

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Sack Parliament footage screening tonight

10-10-2006 09:09

Tonight at the rampART from 8pm there is a presentation and screening of a film about indymedia and the uprising in Argentina. Prior to the main feature we'll be showing short films from indymedia video collectives in the UK including footage from yesterdays Sack Parliament event...

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London Calling

09-10-2006 15:34

More anti-authoritarian groups are needed to combat the social destruction by government and big business, and to encourage people to take back control of their lives and environment. How can such groups be promoted?

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Lost and Found social centre Manchester opening this Wednesday!

09-10-2006 09:34

So we have a beautiful building where lots of us have been busy beavering away to create a beautiful space.

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Bullet Boy screening @ Everything4Everyone

08-10-2006 15:24

Next tuesday's (10/10) E4e Cinema screening at Everything4Everyone will be Bullet Boy.

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Repression in Osaka, Japan, as city bids for G8 2008

03-10-2006 12:03

There has been a series of arrests in Osaka against the homeless liberation movement. Several activists, including anarchists, have been detained on serious charges. These arrests follow a number of attacks by Osaka city against homeless people and their supporters.

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i the film - indymedia exposed - european screening tour starts 10th Oct, London

03-10-2006 09:47

“i” positively vibrates with the energy and creativity of the movement it documents. Beautiful, intellectual, riotous, it fits in no box — and no blurb! Just see it! — Naomi Klein

“i” is an excellent introduction to the ideas of autonomy, horizontal social movements, networks, media and their interrelation in today’s corporate-driven global marketplace...

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London Social Forum – housing and land rights conference

02-10-2006 17:01

London Social Forum housing conference
At the request of the European Social Forum and to coincide with World Habitat Day, a meeting to discuss housing and land rights issues entitled the Divided City was held by London Social Forum at Limehouse Town Hall in East London on Sunday 1 October 2006. Speakers and delegates came from across Europe and from further afield.

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Stop the Titnore access road! Support the tree camp!

01-10-2006 14:01

The access road threatening Titnore Woods
CAMPAIGNERS will be heading en masse for Titnore Woods in Worthing on Saturday October 7 in a bid for victory in their campaign.

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critical mass manchester took the roads!

30-09-2006 11:49

manchester critical mass meet every last friday of the month at 6pm outside central library.

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URGENT - Witch hunt in Chile: Six anarchists arrested after police raid squat.

28-09-2006 04:01

A lot of weapons of mass destruction
This is what progressive democracy looks like.

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Resist eviction of Green Man Pub, Catford TONIGHT!

24-09-2006 15:55

callout for people to resist eviction of Green Man pub, 355 Bromley Road, Catford PARTY TONIGHT, with a view to resisting eviction very early Monday morning!
Nearest station: bellingham on the Blackfriars to Sevenoaks Thameslink line (same line as Elephant & Castle, Peckham Rye ...easily blaggable).

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Anarchist Against the Wall, Lebanon, Climate Camp, Soy and table football

22-09-2006 00:40

Here is a special indymedia edit of the latest news from the rampART social centre in East London. To make sure you get the latest news and listings each week, subscribe to the mailing list via

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The Cottage of Content Occupation: Summary

21-09-2006 21:36

A week has past since the forcible eviction of the occupiers of the so-called Cottage of Content. With no official word from Birmingham City Council, the buildings’ future function looks uncertain.

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Housing and Land Rights 06 Campaign

20-09-2006 01:49

London Social Forum as part of international
support for World Habitat Day on Monday 2nd October 2006
Day of Direct Action on Housing & landrights in London.

Open Forum on speculation, housing, land, civil and social rights

Sunday October 1, 2006, 12.30pm-6 pm
Limehouse Town Hall,
646 Commercial Road, London E14 7HA

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ASBO Squat 360 Panorama

19-09-2006 15:42

ASBO Squat 360 Panorama

ASBO Squat, Burns Street, Nottingham

360 QTVR panoramic vista image

You need Quicktime for this. You can then open this link and you will see a 360 degree panoramic vista, around the ASBO Community Squat in Burns Street, Radford.

.MOV file is 3.6Mb. Please wait a mo, for it to download.

With the new page or viewer open, drag the cursor arround on the image and it will rotate and pan up and down. You can also zoom in and out.

[ Quicktime Download at: ]

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Cottage of Content Occupation Comes to a Close

17-09-2006 18:13

On Friday 15th September 2006 the occupation of the Cottage of Content social centre in Sparkbrook came to a close.

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WOS4: The Creative Anti-Commons and the Poverty of Networks

17-09-2006 01:07

The Wizard of OS conference is currently underway in Berlin, as is to be expected, the fourth edition of this biannual gathering of proponents of free software, free culture and alternative economics has brought together a fascinating group of presenters and participants.