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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Vote now to keep Radley Lakes

22-02-2007 11:48

Local newspapers are asking public opinion on whether npower should halt work until the Town Green application has been decided!

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A day dedicated for defining our political identity at the Vortex

20-02-2007 16:46

Side A
A day for defining our political objectives and for introducing people to activism

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Demo in Edinburgh in the defence of Ropuda

20-02-2007 07:51

On Friday at 2 pm, in front of Polish consulate
there will be a dome in support of Polish protest site
against the
destruction of the largest in Europe wild wetlands
in Rospuda Valley (google the area to find more about the case)

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This Week at The Vortex

19-02-2007 12:29

Calendar of events this week at the ex-Vortex Social Centre
139-141 Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16

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Travelling School of Life Workshop at KnowledgeLab 4 in Nottingham

19-02-2007 11:52

Travelling School of Life - Let the journey begin!
Last Saturday, a group of people met at the KnowledgeLab 4 at Nottingham University to get to know and discuss the alternative education networkt Travelling School of Life Homepage:

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Radley Wildlife Havens Destroyed, But No Photographs Please.

17-02-2007 16:15

Destruction of roosting and breeding grounds, assault, endangerment of life and a High Court Injunction to prevent anybody photographing the perpetrators.

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Make Love Not War Benefit Night tonight @ Vortex

17-02-2007 13:44

Benefit night to raise money for grassroots anti-war initiatives, Disarm DSEi and Faslane 365 Live music, poets and activist video.

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LIES GOT US INTO IRAQ : Pentagon report shows SMOKING GUN, +infowar smokescreen

16-02-2007 16:59

follow this set of keywords,
Congress, 2007, pentagon, inspector,
then add the "extra" info that a certain amount of the "intel" that was "re-checked" by the ADDITION of info from industry lobby groups that picked (+ paid for) certain "iraqi exiles" that came up with "niger uranium", czech meetings, hidden WMD

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Autonomous bloc on Feb 24th 'No Trident' Demo

14-02-2007 15:37

This is a callout for an automomous bloc on the 'No Trident' demo taking place in London on Saturday 24th Febuary. All participation is welcome.

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Married to the Left

13-02-2007 15:11

Using pyscho-analysis, one can see the passion for ideology is rooted in a deeper more primal love.

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Public meeting on affordable housing crisis announced

13-02-2007 13:15

A public meeting on the affordable housing crisis in Leeds has been organised by academics and campaigners on Friday 23 February at the University, featuring MPs, council officers and tenants.

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Leeds 'Right to Rent' conference report

12-02-2007 20:50

In recent years, Leeds Tenants Federation has not been known for a militant anti-privatisation approach. However, on Saturday 3 February, it held an impressive conference on the 'Future of Social Housing' that appears to indicate a radicalising of its position amid a growing campaign mobilisation.

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56a Infoshop, London Sunday Breakfast

10-02-2007 19:13

Our second FREE BREAKFAST FOR ALL at 56a Infoshop and Social Centre
Sunday 18th February at Midday at 56a

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Projection 'info night' at the Vortex

08-02-2007 00:36

Bringing together social struggles from across the globe

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150 at demo against repression and police brutality

04-02-2007 22:29

On Saturday, 150 young people protested against police brutality and against the repression of the free party scene in Manchester.

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A Class Critical Mass

04-02-2007 19:14

trailer sound system
Friday 2nd February – St Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham City Centre

The second Critical Mass cycle ride of 2007 was to celebrate the legal appeal victory of Daniel Cadden who refused to cycle in the gutter.

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Oxford. As cruel as it is beautiful: the battle for Warneford Meadow

04-02-2007 14:02

Oxford, England. The trouble with this city is that it is bursting at the seams. It wants to expand over the green fields that surround it. And it wants to build on Warneford Meadow. But local communities hope to save it.

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WSF 2007: What's hot and what's not

03-02-2007 16:46

A short and sweet lowdown of what was hot and what was not in Nairobi.

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No Starbucks in Stokey: Update

03-02-2007 09:51

As people may be aware the newly occupied Vortex Social Centre in Stoke Newington, London are campaigning to keep it open as a community based radical project.