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150 at demo against repression and police brutality

mrsa | 04.02.2007 22:29 | Free Spaces | Repression

On Saturday, 150 young people protested against police brutality and against the repression of the free party scene in Manchester.

The protest had been called by the Manchester Rave Soundsystem Alliance, and was a response to the police brutality that had prevented a free party to happen only two weeks earlier. The subsequent confontation between 1,000 ravers and riot police in Belle Vue had caused controversy in the press and was dubbed the 'battle of Belle Vue'. 4 people were arrested and numerous injured, mainly through baton charges and police dog bites.

150 people met at the Urbis Museum and headed up Market Street. They held a rally in Piccadilly Gardens before bringing the protest to the Town Hall. When they finally arrived at Bootle Street police station, a short standoff between 70 protesters and a dozen officer ensued.

The protest was entirely peaceful and good natured.

It had followed an earlier protest at Manchester Courts, where one of the arrested had been called to attend.



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