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Autonomous bloc on Feb 24th 'No Trident' Demo

Autono-mouse | 14.02.2007 15:37 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | London | South Coast

This is a callout for an automomous bloc on the 'No Trident' demo taking place in London on Saturday 24th Febuary. All participation is welcome.

Autonomous blocs have been succesful in the past at providing a visible anti-authoritarian presence at demos. This is going to be a large demo, so lets march together as anti-authoritarians.
To find the bloc on the day, look for a large red and black banner with the word 'RESIST' on it near speakers corner in Hyde Park. Once we have formed up, what we do on the march will be a collective decision, and the group calling the bloc has no fixed plan other than to consolidate people who share anti-authoritarian beliefs, so who knows what could happen!
Hope to see you all there.

P.S We are working on posters and will be distributing them in pdf format shortly.

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