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Autonomous bloc on Feb 24th 'No Trident' Demo

Autono-mouse | 14.02.2007 15:37 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | London | South Coast

This is a callout for an automomous bloc on the 'No Trident' demo taking place in London on Saturday 24th Febuary. All participation is welcome.

Autonomous blocs have been succesful in the past at providing a visible anti-authoritarian presence at demos. This is going to be a large demo, so lets march together as anti-authoritarians.
To find the bloc on the day, look for a large red and black banner with the word 'RESIST' on it near speakers corner in Hyde Park. Once we have formed up, what we do on the march will be a collective decision, and the group calling the bloc has no fixed plan other than to consolidate people who share anti-authoritarian beliefs, so who knows what could happen!
Hope to see you all there.

P.S We are working on posters and will be distributing them in pdf format shortly.

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Collective decision vs individual decision

15.02.2007 21:47

For personal individuals reason I am not doing anything that will likely get me arrested (or worse), and the "collective decision" may just well be to do something that might result in just that. So I am going to make the "automonous" decision to not be part of the "automonous" bloc, and just stick to the "boring mainstream A to B march" instead.

Some may call me a coward for this, but there you go. I still wish you luck with whatever it is you do.

Mr. Humph

Any info?

16.02.2007 19:57

Hi. Can you post a link/give me any info about the anti-Trident demo on the 24th (not what the Aut. bloc are doing), please? I've had a search and can't find any postings and it's not on the calendar either. Just want to know where and what time. Be good to have a new main posting soon, so people can plan to come (I'm happy to do this, but don't have the info!). Cheers.


Info about demo

16.02.2007 20:45

The demo is against the Trident replacement scheme, the occupation of Iraq and possible invasion of Iran. It starts at 12 noon from speakers corner in Hyde park, then goes to a rally at trafalgar square. There are coaches leaving from hundreds of towns and cities, and a full list can be found on the Stop The War Coalition website (dunno the www, but just Google 'stop the war coalition'). Hope that helps ya!

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17.02.2007 13:15

Thanks A-mouse. Bit surprised it ain't posted on the calendar - I'll have an amateurish go at doing it ....x

Question answered

mr humph

23.02.2007 12:29

express your opinions however you choose, I'm sure none will brand you a coward for protecting your ability to live (free) to fight another day.