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LIES GOT US INTO IRAQ : Pentagon report shows SMOKING GUN, +infowar smokescreen

yeah | 16.02.2007 16:59 | Anti-militarism | Education | Free Spaces | World

follow this set of keywords,
Congress, 2007, pentagon, inspector,
then add the "extra" info that a certain amount of the "intel" that was "re-checked" by the ADDITION of info from industry lobby groups that picked (+ paid for) certain "iraqi exiles" that came up with "niger uranium", czech meetings, hidden WMD

Its blown.

Even the pentagon, (that - against its own judgement - was forced to house the new admins odd bunch of intel appointments) - put out a report last week - feb 8 - that, even trying to minimise the gravity of the situation, is a damning, clear indictment of the info that - in actual fact - got the people of the USA to support the war - the "al-qaida-iraq"/ saddam-911 factor.
. . . . the senate intel cttee is looking at its own upcoming report . . . .
. . . . but if "inappropriate" is a soft word to use for the nazis burning the reichstag, the they are going to toughen this language. Crime, minderbinder, crime. Proof.
Remember that "eleventh" campaign, quoting the Eisenhower speech ? Perhaps it might take structural alterations in the way we do things to get the world back to progress - but the factors to look for are criminal - despite several layers of "!cut-outs", proxies, puppoets, spin, myth - etc.
As ever - the cover-ups (in this case the underplaying of the news) show what to look at next.
But some bits of news dont disappear.
Perhaps this, perhaps the "cuyohoga" bit of the fraudulent 2004 election, perhaps both - plus.
But - it is about to fall.
Good to think about what we replace the rotten mess with, then, even about good, democratic ways to include all in working out what next - - - -