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Spray Squat Party 2 : Acoustic Gig, with diner

16-08-2006 14:50

Spray Squat Party 2 : Acoustic Gig, with diner

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Spray Building Squat : Nottingham County Court Appearance

16-08-2006 14:36

Spray Building Squat : Nottingham County Court Appearance

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Spray Squat Party 1 : Acoustic Gig

16-08-2006 14:28

Spray Squat Party 1 : Acoustic Gig

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Spray Building Squat, Radford: A Guided Tour

16-08-2006 14:14

Spray Building Squat, Radford: A Guided Tour

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Saving Iceland

16-08-2006 07:35

First camp at Snaefell
The Icelandic highlands are the last great expanse of true wilderness left in Western Europe. Now the country's hydroelectric potential has been targeted by multinational corporations, who intend to establish large-scale heavy industry in these hitherto pristine hinterlands. Join the protest camp.

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Live indymedia coverage of 'terror rap' debate this thursday

15-08-2006 23:44


This thursday, 17th August, Aki Nawaz lead singer of the radical rap band Fun-da-mental, will be at the rampART social centre in East London to debate Islamophobia, racisim and the health of freespeech and democracy in the UK. Joining him on the platform will be renowned human rights lawyer Louise Christian, Natacha Atlas, Ken Fero of Injustice Films, Shahrar Ali of the Green Party and John Pandit of Asian Dub Foundation.

The event starts at 6.45pm but if you can't make it you can catch it live online via indymedia.

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remember - if the "small peaces" fall to pieces - try the "big" peace. . . .

14-08-2006 18:59

. . . . (if you've also checked in case a few jerks might have a criminal gravy-train or cover-ups or "news management" that needs wars + "clampdowns" for even the semblance of success - if so - you need to stop them, + perhaps the even "bigger" peace/change process - see "reopening tactful discussions" + later comments)
- this is about the "surface" practicals - thinking "big"-with realism, if out of "boxes"

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Islamophobia and censorship in Britain

14-08-2006 10:29

The Sun calls him the suicide bomb rapper, MPs want him arrested and his record company refuses to support his latest album. But would his treatment be the same if he were white?

Aki Nawaz says Exposing the inherent colonial mentality of the British
State is an honour and worth any consequence in any shape or form.

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Acoustic night at the Cottage Social Centre!

14-08-2006 10:16

Birmingham's latest autonomous social centre, The Cottage, will be holding a Acoustic night open to everyone and possibility of a drumming workshop. If you don't have an instrument bring your voice!

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Ceasefire graffiti

12-08-2006 22:21

Heres a photo of a new mural on the cowley road in east oxford.

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The Constant Gardener Screening @ Everything4Everyone

12-08-2006 15:19

Next weeks E4e Cinema screening at Everything4Everyone will be the
Constant Gardener.

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sick, sick, sick, sick : diabolic clumsy fraud fails again :

10-08-2006 13:20

o.s.p. + u.s.a/ israeli thinktank in court in the states for leaking secret info. . . . but the actual crimes are far worse . . . . - world shattering stupidity :

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Cottage Social Centre Events

09-08-2006 15:17

Forthcoming events at the Cottage Social Centre

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latest rampART news, films, meetings, debate, get involved

09-08-2006 10:45

Last week we reported that the block of buildings that includes the rampART social centre had been put up on the market. There is no further news on the sale of the building or any way to forcast the eventual eviction of the rampART but there are plenty of things going on in the building and plenty of opportunity to get involved...

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Skidrow-on-Sea approves tower block on Brighton Marina

07-08-2006 14:46

Skidrow-on-Sea, or Brighton and Hove Council as it is sometimes known, has approved plans for a 40-storey tower block on Brighton Marina.

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The Street Piano - full story!!

07-08-2006 12:31

"....Don MacLean famously sang: 'I met a girl who sang the blues/ And I asked her for some happy news/ But she just smiled and turned away. I went down to the sacred store/ Where I'd heard the music years before/ But the man there said the music wouldn't play... And the three men I admire most, the father son and the holy ghost - they caught the last train for the coast, the day the music died'.

But that day never came!! Here's what happened....."

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Social Centre Occupation Seeks to Bring Abandoned Building Back to Community Use

05-08-2006 17:41

A community and social centre in Sparkbrook, closed and designated for auction by Birmingham city council has been taken over by a local collective, with plans to put it back to community use.

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Wikipedia Brighton page embroiled in controversy

05-08-2006 13:22

The Wikipedia page on Brighton has become embroiled in controversy following a link to a page on Brighton.

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Groovy times in Novi Sad

04-08-2006 08:38

Rhythms of Resistance is a growing network of percussion(samba) groups around Europe which shows up to many demonstrations to various issues as well as coming up with their own actions. In Berlin the samba band is quite active and I give with this article an overview about my workshop I did in Novi Sad, North of Serbia, Voyvodina
Pictures will follow during the next days