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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Info_usurpa No 19

11-04-2006 19:06

Weekly Independent Poster of Social Centre activities

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Birmingham Critical Mass Needs You!

11-04-2006 17:21

Below are some pictures of April's Critical Mass in Birmingham City Centre where cyclists and other users of non-polluting forms of transport meet up and reclaim some of the City's streets on the first Friday of every month.

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Korean Farmers Attacked for US Base Expansion

10-04-2006 19:14

April 7th, 6,000 riot police and 700 hired thugs attacked the
Autonomous Peace Village of Daechuri. They succeeded in destroying the irrigation system, making farming a near impossibility. 40 protesters were arrested, 30 were injured, 5 of those seriously.

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No Borders Radio Reports 8th April

08-04-2006 15:50

On Saturday 8th April 2006, rampART radio broadcast five hours of live coverage of the No Borders Day Of Action consisting of the demonstration at Harmondworth detention centre near Heathrow airport and the solidarity demo organised by UNITY in Glasgow...

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Stench of hypocrisy

08-04-2006 12:13

Farnborough - empty streets, boarded-up shops
It is difficult to know which is the strongest, the all pervading stench of dead and decaying town centres, or the stench of hypocrisy emanating from local councillors.

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Activists target golf courses for wasting water

08-04-2006 12:09

Eco-warriors having successfully trashed GM crops, are now turning their attentions to the profligate waste of natural resources by golf courses.

Golf courses are being told to cut their use of water, return part of their courses to wildlife, else direct action will be taken. One golf course has already experienced direct action.

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coverage of April 8th No Borders Action

07-04-2006 18:06

From 10pm till 3pm (approx) on Saturday 8th April, we'll be doing live coverage of the No Border's demo taking place near Heathrow airport.

The streams used will be (mono ~16kbps) (mono ~64kbps)

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Council increases risk of flooding

07-04-2006 15:47

flooded golf course winter 2001/2002
The proposals by the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor to waste £170,000 of taxpayers money on unwanted drainage and irrigation works at Southwood Golf Course will increase the risk of flooding in the winter for those downstream, waste precious water in the summer. £170,000 of taxpayers money to be literally poured down the drain.

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Saturday April 29th - Make our streets political

07-04-2006 11:34

Saturday April 29th will be a day for all radical groups to get together and take back the streets of Liverpool for political expression.

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Rough Music issue 9 is out

07-04-2006 01:44

Brighton's shit-stirring, dirt-diggin' free newsheet has a new issue out

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Info usurpa

05-04-2006 16:58

Weekly Independent Poster of Social Centre activities

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Curitiba – Designing a sustainable city

05-04-2006 14:26

Curitiba in southern Brazil recently hosted the UN biodiversity convention COP8 MOP3. Curitiba is also an example of a well-designed city.

It is not often we can praise the way our towns and cities are run. They are usually run by people lacking in vision, out for their own self-aggrandizement, mired to their necks in sleaze and corruption. One of the rare exceptions is Curitiba.

Curitiba, a provincial town in Brazil, where sustainable development is not given lip service, but actually practiced, where the people are involved in the planning decisions.

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Critical Mass in Gothenburg

05-04-2006 06:28

We love roundabouts
Friday evening at the back end of March saw a bunch of happy cyclists taking to the streets of Gothenburg again. The biggest ride yet. This time we finally beat the quarter century and it worked quite nicely. If we keep growing at the same rate we’ll be a thousand by November next year. Not bad at all.

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Newbury / Reading court Kindness Hearing

05-04-2006 00:47

Further transformations occurred at Reading magistrates court today as two planters attended court to seek closure / resolution to an imposed restitution penalty of £201, following sentencing earlier in the year (09/02/2006 - Newbury) for a radical conviction for planting fig and vine trees at the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston.

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police crash Brighton bike party

01-04-2006 23:00

Critical Mass Brighton has always been an extremely postive experience. However, the party got somewhat dampened last week when the police decided to break the spirit of it all by turning up with an all round bad attitude.

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Who Really Runs Leeds? Event

01-04-2006 20:56

A half day workshop for those interested in being part of a collaborative research project. Organised by the Urban Cultures and Consumption Research Group, School of Geography, University of Leeds, with The Common Place Social Centre.

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Firestation Eviction: Postponed due to Resistance

31-03-2006 16:24

461 Westferry Road Millway Firestation
Squatters gain one week after eviction proved impossible

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Indymedia London Open Meetings

30-03-2006 22:36

This is an open invitation to participate in Indymedia London in whatever aspect you think you could help out.

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Sumac Centre Nottingham - Posters for April - Download and Display

30-03-2006 21:10

download Sumac Posters, then display

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Fire Station Eviction

30-03-2006 16:46

Fire Station Squat in Docklands under eviction threat because of local pressure groups