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No Borders Radio Reports 8th April

rampART radio | 08.04.2006 15:50 | April 2006 No Borders Days of Action | Free Spaces | Indymedia | Migration | Social Struggles | London | World

On Saturday 8th April 2006, rampART radio broadcast five hours of live coverage of the No Borders Day Of Action consisting of the demonstration at Harmondworth detention centre near Heathrow airport and the solidarity demo organised by UNITY in Glasgow...

Starting at 10am the radio reports were generated from the indymedia dispatch being organised on and continued providing live coverage of events until 3pm when the coaches had left the detention centre.

Uploaded now are three phone interviews that came through to the studio at the rampART social centre plus the final news summary taken from the recording of the five hour show.

Follow link to radio.indymedia for audio files... (corrected link)

Here is the pre event radio annoucement

If you'd like to get involved in producing radical radio, either be working in the studio or by doing reports from the street via mobile phone or minidisc recordings, please contact rampART radio.

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