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Use Your Loaf is still here.

27-08-2004 19:39

Two High Court bailiffs turned up at 7.35 in the
morning. But there were over 30 people defending the
place. Due to early morning stupidity they nearly got
through the door but got pushed out and dragged away.

The cops arrived and milled about aimlessly. The usual
team of confused builders also turned up but headed
for the cafe (they're getting well known there due to
repeated failed evictions). After faffing about for a
they all left. So we're still here for now!

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Beyond ESf infonights - NEW VENUE

27-08-2004 18:42

6 saturday nights of political discussion, films, exhibitions, food, live music & dj’s
Due to Grand Banks eviction, a new venue has been found - see dates below for details.
Saturday 28th August & Saturday 4th September - VENUE: ARCHWAY THEATRE, Archway roundabout, behind methodist church, opp. Archway station.
11th, 18th & 25th September: VENUE tba

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Vinegar and Brown Paper

26-08-2004 22:37

How easy is it to breach to Terrorism Act? To test the waters, Yakoub Islam has decided to set up a blog detailing his plans to commit a minor act of terrorism outside Parliament sometimes in the near future. MI5 have already been notified of the blog via their website.

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Canterbury BT Okupada facing eviction 27th August

26-08-2004 20:24

Canterbury British Telecom Building occupants finally at the wire after about a month tomorrow. Eviction notice passed by judge this morning due to no-one coming up with a valid reason to be trespassing. This despite current occupants cleaning up mess of previous occupiers and banning herion users. On the bright side, perhaps due to the improved state of building, no charges for damages followed up.

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Indymedia writing workshop: Tuesday 31st - 6pm - the Drum

26-08-2004 17:53

Yes, it's that time again! The next Indymedia writing workshop is coming up...

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ECF-Visions of Another World

26-08-2004 12:41

The European Creative Forum Presents

A Special 9/11
A FREE FESTIVAL FOR PEACE! Saturday September 11th (1pm-1am)


The WorldWide Launch of The Best of Anti-War Music 2003-2004

A Special Launch Edition of PNW Vol.2** + ECF VoAW entrance for £10


Venue rampART Community Creative Centre and Social Space
15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (see

Call the ECF-Visions Hotline 07910 004410
or check the ECF & PNW websites!


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Open Boat Day Revisited.

26-08-2004 02:19

Bank View No.1
More Pictures of Sunday's Open Boat Day...

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DNC2RNC + Miami Model + international videos

26-08-2004 01:26

Somewhat short notice as usual but...

Tonight (thursday 26th)

  • a screening of bits of The Miami Model ( the film the NYPD shut down a few days ago...
  • a screening of resistance to eviction of the 10 year old squatted EUSKAL JAI AURRERA social centre in the basque country (see
  • a screening of the video journals from zapatista style DNC2RNC democracy uprising march that arrives in New York this evening for the Republican National Convention (see for details)
  • plus a workshop on subtitling and translating video...

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Eviction Venue Change: Thurs Autonomous Spaces ESF Meeting

25-08-2004 22:46

Due to the eviction of the Ex Grand Bank Occupied Social Centre this morning, Thursday's Autonomous / Self Organised Spaces meeting for the ESF has been moved to LARC:

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Lower Nazeing Roma Memorial Park

25-08-2004 20:15

These photos were taken at the Memorial Ceremony at the Travellers site, at Paynes Lane, Lower Nazeing, Epping Forest. The ceremony was held to dedicate a field owned by Harry and Linda Smith, as a Memorial Park, to Roma people, who were killed in the holocaust. and who have died from persecution up the present day. They also sought permission from the parents of Johnny Delaney, who was murdered in a racist attack, in Cheshire last year, to name the field after him.

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Workers Without Bosses: Solidarity With Argentina's Self-Managed Factories

25-08-2004 14:18

The workers of Brukman, one of about 200 self-managed factories in Argentina, need your help. Although they recovered their factory at the beginning of 2004 and are running it again, the factory has been damaged by police action, and many of the machines are not running at full capacity due to lack of spare parts and repair manuals.

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Monad Squat – new radical project for social change - looking for people

24-08-2004 14:03

Of course which is not new and even still not a project…
Project which will be opened soon (hopefully this week) will look for people interested in:
- squatting
- getting involved in the project happening inside
- helping out (incl. staying overnights/throug the day)

Anyone interested call 0789 739 2160

And check more details at

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An Open Letter to David Blunkett MP

24-08-2004 07:22

A short memo in response to the Home Secretary's refusal to take a more open approach to the 'war on terror', on the grounds that it would make him look ridiculous!

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LARC the movie, now with subtitles!

24-08-2004 02:41

Okay, so it may not be that exciting but here is a short movie about the London Action Resource Centre that was made for the film night about social centres at the rampart last wednesday...

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Anarchy is juvenile rebellion

24-08-2004 01:30

“Man is by nature a political animal.” Aristotle

A lot of very bright and well intentioned people talk about anarchy as a solution to political problems. They are barking up the wrong tree...

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rampART events, films, gigs and stuff

24-08-2004 00:22

Here are reports from the weekly rampart meeting plus the first video/filmmaking workshop and coming events...

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dinner and debate - anarchy, freedom, democracy

22-08-2004 20:42

Below are details of future events at the rampart squatted social centre in the next few days/weeks (get involved. Weekly meetings, Monday 6pm)


* Monday 23rd - Camcorder activism gathering/workshop
* Tuesday 24th – Dinner and Debate : ‘Anarchy, Freedom and Democracy’
* Wednesday 25th - Free Community Cinema : ‘They Live / Reclaim the Media’
* September 4th – Benefit Gig with Gertrude

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Gaztetxe (social centre) "euskal jai" in iruña evicted and demolished

22-08-2004 13:37

use before eviction
gaztetxe "euskal jai" in iruña evicted and destroyed.

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Iruña, Basque Country: resistance against eviction

22-08-2004 13:07

For days the old inner city centre of the Basque city Iruna seems like a police fortress.
After heavily armed police forces have evicted the 10 year old occupied autonomously organised youth and community centre "Euskal Jai" (means something like "Basque party") last monday, the massive resistance against the attacks on the self-organised structures does not stop.

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Video - Anarchist Award Night at the Grand Banks

21-08-2004 23:48

Video Video
Monday night award ceremony at the grand banks, everyone was there!