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Indymedia writing workshop: Tuesday 31st - 6pm - the Drum

Dan | 26.08.2004 17:53 | Analysis | Free Spaces | Sheffield

Yes, it's that time again! The next Indymedia writing workshop is coming up...

Tuesday 31st August
National Centre for Popular Music
Paternoster Row

What is it? A co-operative, supportive space for a bunch of people to write about, think about and waffle about Sheffield, or the nation, or the world... and we'll also help each other with computer stuff too.

Go look here for some ideas that have been thrown up by people at the workshop so far:

We covered, um, pretty much everything...

So! If you've got any ideas, or you want to collaborate with others on any of these stories -

Get yerself to the writing workshop

Here's some more details, if anyone wants to know the background:

Bye 4 now!

- e-mail: