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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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ACTION THURSDAY: Government launches New Deal for the Dead!!!

10-03-2005 03:39

A press release obtained by our overcover team of rapporteurs learns of the Government's next shocking move to tackle any remaining unproductive sectors of society... Meet: 12.00 @ Department of Trade & Industry, Victoria Street, London SW1 O St James Park, Thursday 10 March 2005

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56a Infoshop Map Festival Invitation

08-03-2005 14:20

Invitation No.2 (with more details) on the Festival of Mapping during 56a Infoshop Free Skool, June 2005.

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These guys are comeing to the UK do we whont to host them in Oxford?

08-03-2005 14:11

They play music and are heading for scotland...

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Festival of Mapping Invitation

04-03-2005 14:29

Invitation to help curate a free Festival of Maps and Mapping in and around the social centre 56a Infoshop in South London

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Liverpool Social Forum- late notice!

03-03-2005 09:50

Next LSF meeting is TOMORROW (friday)!

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Co-housing conference: an individual’s view

27-02-2005 20:07

This weekend (25th to 27th February 2005) a hundred people descended on Lancaster for the first UK co-housing conference. This is one person’s view of how it went, and how it was for me.

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iraqi women's movement speaker tour

25-02-2005 13:59

Around International Women’s Day on March 8th, NUS Women’s Campaign and No Sweat will be organising a speaker tour with Houzan Mahmoud from the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq to promote solidarity with the Iraqi women's and trade union movements.

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Talking About Total Freedom in London

25-02-2005 13:29

3th, 4th, 5th of March 2005 Talking About Total Freedom
in Circle Community Centre/St.George Theatre/49 Tufnell Park Road London/phone:02076091283Talking circles, lectures, concets, void optikal arts,films, documentaries, sound systems, visionary revolutionary ideas and space travelers meeting point

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Third Manchester People's Assembly

25-02-2005 12:06

Workshops to encourage inter-group cooperation followed by a Campaign Fair where the public can find out about your campaign and sign up to help. Open microphone spots to publicise your work then feedback and calls for action - all on Sat 16 April at Friends Meeting House, Mount St, MCR

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Critical mass in Nottingham at 5pm

25-02-2005 11:53

Meet at the Savoy Cinema 5pm today (Fri 25th Feb)

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VIDEO Castlemill - The case for the boatyard

24-02-2005 23:51

A participatory video made by local residents. Produced by Nick Lunch.

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final concious fashion report

23-02-2005 22:19

(a little late) report from the final day of conscious fasion week ...

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23-02-2005 13:16

Rebel Alliance - for non-hierarchical groups and individuals engaged in projects of resistance.

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Hunter S Thompson - RIP

22-02-2005 20:18


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Make Poverty History G8 July - Travel + Accommodation Details

22-02-2005 16:30

The Make Poverty History campaign has set up a website for booking travel, accommodation and tours of the area for its supporters who will be attending their G8 summit demonstration march and rally in Edinburgh on Saturday July 2nd.


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QUEERD.i.y weekend.

22-02-2005 15:22

'Queerd' starts on the 1st of april (31st march 4 setting up) and will finish on the 3rd. It will be the first queer all-weekend Do-it-yourself festival to happen in Leeds.

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Duck Tale

22-02-2005 10:55

The Banganga - Pt Shivkumar Sharma plays on 6 Feb, 2005
Concert acoustics can be managed excellently using low power wireless to deliver signals around the listening area - but most countries blindly ban or license to death the technology. This is a description of a live concert held recently in Mumbai, India. Free the airwaves, reclaim the streets!

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Oxford Mini Lands Rights Film Festival

21-02-2005 00:04

Films, food & thought on Land Rights

at The Vaults & Gardens Organic Cafe, High St, Oxford (entrance on Radcliffe Square)

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Iam a terrorist too

20-02-2005 23:22

I am a terrorist too, because I am a citizen from a state that destroy everyday, and with more strength, the basis for the survival of humans around all this beautiful planet called Earth.

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"Stuff London - Back Paris instead!"

20-02-2005 00:57

"Stuff London - Back Paris instead!"
Paris 2012 a much better, cleaner city to hold the Olympics