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final concious fashion report

m | 23.02.2005 22:19 | Free Spaces | London

(a little late) report from the final day of conscious fasion week ...

The final day (thursday) of the conscious fashion week hosted at the rampART last week looked at alternative materials and ecotextiles: hemp and animal free
clothes/shoes. However plans for the evening were somewhat shifted when two of the arranged presentations and fashion shows pulled out at the last moment - apparently a clash or culture shock between DIY/squat culture and the commerical world of organic and vegan niche marketing. EnaMore (organic cotton clothes) and Beyond Skin (expensive vegan shoes) both walked out of the venue in disgust.

Nether-the-less, the evening continued with a talk by the The Hemp Trading Company about why they got into promoting hemp and the how Hemp can address many of the concerns raised about modern textile manufacture. This was followed by questions and answers and then a show of the designs available.

With a gap to fill before the evening entertainment and since the audience was different from the tuesday, the Sailormars collection was shown again, the entire collection made from found textiles.