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update on sherwood tree protest camp

27-12-2003 15:25

update on sherwood tree protest camp

-we stil urgently need pepole on site

-Eviction possible any time!

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Media Hacklab at Freedom Press

23-12-2003 01:26

A new Media Hacklab is getting started in the east end of London. Based at the Freedom Press bookshop and social centre, it aims to be an open political space for alternative media, free software, training courses (e.g. GNU/Linux for activists, GNU/Linux for computer virgins, web design), community projects and various other great stuff. The projects that happen there will depend on the commitment of those involved. There is an open meeting planned to discuss both the practical work that needs doing and the political foundations of the lab:

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REPORT BACK - European Social Forum meeting London 2004

14-12-2003 19:55

The big meeting
The ESF is boring – stuck in its way – but the are real people involved and it will be a huge gathering of alternatives… here are some views from the meeting.

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dosummat bought nowt

10-12-2003 11:18

these ar some of the photos of the a6 road that was subvertised on buy nowt day...

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Bristol Peace Vigil News : 10th December 2003

10-12-2003 02:49

Now the nights are getting colder, & winters closing in, it's all the more important that
people join us at the Bristol Peace Vigil. So wrap up warm, fill a flask with your favourite soup, & join us......

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Space Invaders - coming to a squat near you!

05-12-2003 15:47

On Sunday at 8pm, the Pandemonium Theatre Collective will be performing their excellent and very amusing play "Space Invaders" at the upcoming A-Spire squat.

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Lancaster IMC 'Re-Load' Sun Dec 14th

02-12-2003 15:33

A discussion and skills-sharing event taking place in Lancaster Dec 14th, to re-load and kick-start the Lancaster IMC

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Democratise the ESF 2004

02-12-2003 09:41

The next European Social Forum (ESF) is going to be held in the UK in late 2004. Serious issues have been raised about the process by which this decision was taken, and by which it is going forward. This article gives an account of what's happening, dates for two important meetings, and a Proposal for the Preparatory Process calling for an open and democratic ESF, for people to put their names to.

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New Manchester Social Centre

28-11-2003 19:12

Kickstart Cafe is a new squat cafe in Manchester! It opens tomorrow (Saturday). There will be tea and coffee, vegan food, library and info, art space, and many activities. In the evening from 7pm there will be an accoustic jam so bring along instruments and later some chilled out chunes. Be warned though it won't be a late night and we won't be selling alcohol.

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Kick Start Cafe opening night

28-11-2003 14:01

Kickstart Cafe Opeing Night
13-15 Liverpool Rd (just off deansgate)
saturday 29th

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28-11-2003 12:40

Yesterday morning the Dutch consulate in Birmingham was occupied for 5 hours by Dutch and English activists, because of eviction of a squatted community centre in Utrecht, Holland.

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buy nothing day spot

28-11-2003 02:43

40sec mp3 advertisement for buy nothing day on saturday. for events.

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26-11-2003 16:19


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A-spire squatted social centre 5-14 december, leeds

26-11-2003 15:56

get ready for
ASPIRE Squatted Social Space
December 5-14th

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Modem friendly video from anti-Bush demos in London

25-11-2003 20:31

Short clips of some of the demonstrations against Bush in London. Higher quality versions will be made available on v2v for editing/screening.

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Vocalized Ink The Page The Show the Stylee!!!

23-11-2003 10:37

Vocalized Ink is a collective of poets and writers promoting spoken word
on the internet through the use of audio files. Making inked word verbal
is our quest! VI's founder Sherykah is located in Detroit, MI but VI's
membership is international.

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University College London still occupied by anti-war activists - latest

19-11-2003 02:36

At least 60 UCL Stop the War activists are continuing to occupy part of the main building at UCL after taking control around 5pm yesterday (Tues). The occupation is in protest against George W. Bush's state visit.

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16-11-2003 04:28

Queen of England rejects Antichrist demand that she rebuild Buckingham Palace to accommodate his personal wishes.

Now, where is the honourable Poodle for North Texas?

No, this is NOT a satire, nor is it an internet hoax!