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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Manchester Occupied

02-10-2011 23:28

The occupation starts
As planned, an occupation of Albert Square next to Manchester town hall began as the TUC march was winding its way round the city centre.

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Squatters extend solidarity to the TUC

01-10-2011 15:59

Letter to the TUC from convergence space in Manchester against the tories.

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Ryan Harvey in London for one off show at LARC. Oct 7th

30-09-2011 10:42

Ryan Harvey returns for his final London show of the year.

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Occupy London Stock Exchange

29-09-2011 07:29

It's time to say enough is enough.

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La Selva Squatter

26-09-2011 19:33


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Cinema Winstanley @ Land & Freedom Camp

26-09-2011 18:40

A1. Cinema Winstanley: C21 DigitalProjection, C20 Film, C17 Revolutionary Genius
Dateline: Clapham Common, London, UK, 20:00-23:30, Sat 24 Sep 11 – Land & Freedom Campers ( ) and intrigued local folk get to share an al fresco cinema experience centred around the 1975 biopic of the great English revolutionary pamphleteer and Digger Gerrard Winstanley ( ). Under the spreading London planetrees, we enjoyed reclaiming our C17 radical history, the better to empower ourselves for ensuring C21 continues to be a century of radical history in the making.

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Report from Wrexham Peace Day, 21 September

22-09-2011 22:54

Several hundred people took part in this year's Peace Day in Wrexham on 21 September, a day-long event running from 11am to 6pm on Llwyn Isaf, the library field in the middle of town.

More photos to follow.

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Photo Report from Wrexham Peace Day

21-09-2011 22:30

Peace Picnic here
Here are some photos of today's all-day Peace Day event on the library green (Llwyn Isaf) in Wrexham.

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Experiences of a legal observer at Dale Farm

21-09-2011 11:05

Just back from a few nights at Dale Farm. I was on legal observer duty Monday morning 7am - 1pm. Most of it was spent on the gate scaffold observing the bailiffs rearranging their offices, then - when they realised we could see everything - they ordered in a new container to block our view. Not many police around apart from the helicopter. A few tense times when the bailiffs twice put their coffee cups down and organised themselves into groups: once they actually approached the gate but retreated after reading the notice about the lock-in.

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[Amsterdam, NL] Days of action against the squatting ban, 29th Sep - 2nd Oct

20-09-2011 13:05

We're still here! Wij zijn er nog steeds!

Days of action against the squatting ban / Actiedagen tegen het kraakverbod

29 September - 2 October

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Occupation of Wall Street

20-09-2011 08:35

The dawn of a new American uprising, or a formulaic reaction bound to fizzle out?

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Dale Farm wins a reprieve - protest outside the High Court this Friday

19-09-2011 17:52

Dale Farm children protest outside their school, 10 Sept 2011
While travellers and protestors warned the world's media of the threatened assault on Dale Farm by Basildon Council's bailiffs, Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart granted an injunction to delay the eviction

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Protest against Evictions

15-09-2011 18:50

Protest outside Eland House
Protestors challenged the government for taking on new eviction powers, instead of building new homes.

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Lib Dem Conference - Convergence and Crash Spaces

13-09-2011 11:55

The national campaign against fees and cuts is organising convergence (and crash) space for anti-Lib Dem conference action which has already been reclaimed. The Birmingham Social Centre is ready to be a base for the start of another autumn of anti-austerity direct action by students and workers.

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Karla on the trapeze: the 15 year old Chilean high school hunger striker

09-09-2011 18:45

Karla, 15 years old, is one of 50 Chilean school and university students on hunger strike in the occupations of Santiago de Chile.

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Shelter From The Storm

08-09-2011 11:55

Support Londons only 365 day a year FREE homeless shelter. End of summer fete:
Sat 10th Sept: Islington Green London. 12-6pm

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Benefit for London ABC with David Rovics

07-09-2011 13:38

Weds Sept 14th DAVID ROVICS + support (final London show for 2011)

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Squatters and land occupiers; it's time for some digital payback !

07-09-2011 13:19

So you know you want to if you have ever been a squatter! or a traveller who roams the land, now you can get some digital payback!

Here is a company that profits from loss, loss of someones home that is!

see below:

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Finally…It’s Critical!

07-09-2011 12:11

Loads of bikes
Critical Mass rides in Birmingham are seeing a huge increase in popularity.

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For Whose Benefit? by Sean Cregan

02-09-2011 11:24

Antifascist Prisoner Sean Cregan takes a look at benefits culture.