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Squatters and land occupiers; it's time for some digital payback !

Anoni Mouse | 07.09.2011 13:19 | Dale Farm | Culture | Free Spaces | Migration

So you know you want to if you have ever been a squatter! or a traveller who roams the land, now you can get some digital payback!

Here is a company that profits from loss, loss of someones home that is!

see below:

So thankfully they have kindly provided all forms of communication for you to speak your mind and to tell them what you think!

UK Evictions Ltd

PO Box 224, Faversham, Kent

Tel No: 01795 537 339

Fax No: 01795 533 014


You can even send an anonymous E-card to them via:

here is their spiel:

Welcome to UK Evictions Ltd
UK Evictions Ltd

UK Evictions are the leading company in the removal of unknown persons, vehicles and livestock from privately owned
land and all associated services.

Should you find travellers, gypsies, squatters, livestock or unwanted vehicles on your land or premises contact UK
Evictions for their removal.

There is no need for Court action

UK Evictions will act within 24 hours of your instruction, nationwide

UK Evictions provide a tailored service to suit each individual situation
regardless of whether you are a landlord acting on your own, or an agent

UK Evictions uses only set costs. Our costs are not dependant on variables such
as the number of caravans, location or other criteria.

To instruct UK Evictions, please contact us on 01795 537 339 or alternatively please
email us at

So, please do call, fax, E-mail and send them leters to tell them what you think of them :)

Lol :)

Information for action.

Anoni Mouse
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