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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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German police eating stones in Hamburg

23-12-2013 14:12

Saturday December 21 in Hamburg, saw a big demonstration for Rote Flora and refugees from Lampedusa.

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Christmas message! X!

23-12-2013 02:07

Saw this corporate shit cake heading into Bristol on the motorway…

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195 Mare St Summary

20-12-2013 03:21

195 Mare Street was a squatted social centre in the heart of Hackney. The building, a Grade II* listed Georgian villa remains the second oldest surviving building in Hackney.

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195 Mare St Evicted.

16-12-2013 19:11

Today (Monday 16th December, 2013), high court bailiffs evicted 195 Mare St in a morning raid.

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Dissident Island Radio - 13 December 2013 - Episode 131 - Safe city cycling

15-12-2013 14:42

Listen to the last D*I Radio show for 2013...

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Amsterdam - 100 refugees squat place

15-12-2013 02:18

After a camp and several previous squats (church / office / flat), the 'We Are Here' group has now squatted the office part of a derelict parking garage, deep in the south of Amsterdam...

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AgainstGreece: Day for Alexis, day for students Cops intrudeattack on university

06-12-2013 13:36

On the days demonstration, cops intrude on gathering in front of University senate, 'kettle' hundreds, arrest some 14-15 year old schoolkids

Local youth attack police station in Aigaleo, Athens, "in the name of what is proper"

Starving school pupil in Patras eats garbage food binned by clasmates, not the first time she was hungry.
Elswehere 1000s are forced to go to school hungry and return home with an empty belly.

A town in N Greece has no heating oil for schools, all are closed.

The main demo for Alexi is at 6pm.

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Out of control police!

27-11-2013 12:09

miffy's avin it!

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Foxtons Outfoxed

20-11-2013 16:13

Just think, dear Foxtons,
how will you ever know again if that rich lady or gent coming in to look at all the expensive flats
is a real customer or an actor about to lead you on another hunt?

Article with pictures here:

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List of events for Free School next week at 195 Mare Street!

16-11-2013 19:01

195 Free School: 18th-24th November
18th-24th November: 50+ events over 7 days now organised! 195 Mare Street, Hackney, London.

The week has been split as follows:

Mon 18th Resistance / Awareness
Tue 19th DIY / Cooking
Wed 20th Technology / Ecology
Thu 21st Housing / Benefits / Practical Squatting
Fri 22nd Queer and Feminist
Sat 23rd Arts / Music / Creative
Sun 24th Arts / Music / Creative

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Rolling Jubilee & Strike Debt, DIY Space for London, Anarchist Solidarity Fund

16-11-2013 12:34

Check out episode 130 of Dissident Island Radio - broadcast from London, UK on 15 November 2013 - the show features:

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To-day In Nottingham and beyond Radical Routes...TODAY!!!

15-11-2013 13:24

This weekend Radical Routes Weekend

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COPFS Letter sent with following evidence

13-11-2013 01:03

I think you should listen to the audio

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195 Free School - Mon 18th - Sun 24th Nov. Hackney, London

12-11-2013 16:11

A week of presentations, discussions, practical workshops and more.

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Queer, Queer, Queerlective, and Feminist Happenings at 195 Mare Street

12-11-2013 01:00

News and information about the ongoing Queer and Feminist events, happening at 195 Mare Street, a huge squatted social centre in Hackney; and information about upcoming happenings.

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EDL and anti-fascists demonstrate in Shotton colliery 09.11.2013

10-11-2013 14:14

On the 9th of November 2013 the North East English Defence League and North East Infidels held a second protest in Shotton colliery.

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Marquee Funds

09-11-2013 14:48

Marquee( for use at activists events) needs Replacing.

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Fuck s144! Some quick analysis of the Brighton squat trial

08-11-2013 11:32

mad mike the movie
The law criminalising squatting in residential buildings was introduced a year ago and is now being tested in the courts... and it's not looking that effective. This report with links at

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195 Mare Street, No Borders on migrant crackdown in Calais and more...

04-11-2013 10:48

Have a listen to episode 129 of Dissident Island Radio - broadcast on 1 November 2013:

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Section 144 appeal successful! Calling Mike Weatherley a coward case continues

01-11-2013 14:25

We won the appeal!!

Brighton: A squatter convicted under s144 had the conviction unanimously overturned for lack of ANY evidence. Our barrister was ninja and the judge laid down some stringent guidelines on what the police must do to establish proof that someone lives in a squat. Unfortunately he refused to define what constitutes residential…