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Section 144 appeal successful! Calling Mike Weatherley a coward case continues | 01.11.2013 14:25 | Free Spaces | Policing | South Coast

We won the appeal!!

Brighton: A squatter convicted under s144 had the conviction unanimously overturned for lack of ANY evidence. Our barrister was ninja and the judge laid down some stringent guidelines on what the police must do to establish proof that someone lives in a squat. Unfortunately he refused to define what constitutes residential…

A deeper analysis will follow, for now we can only say if you are accused of squatting a residential building, don’t talk to police at all (no comment interview) and plead not guilty. This law is fucked and unenforceable.

Also, the #mikeweatherleyisacoward case continues so our @housingwar twitter will continue with court updates. Tweets from court this morning:

#MikeWeatherleyIsACoward trial has now broken for lunch. resumes at 2pm

Weatherley: The most terrifiying chant was “One Solution, Execution” #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Weatherley: “When I was in the van i had to clear many items of vegetable matter off myself” #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

One person says “how does it feel to be scared of people outside your door Mike” like he has pushed on other people #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Now chants of “empty houses, what a waste, lets go squat Mike Weatherley’s place” heard on the youtube footage. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Police then escorted him out of the room into a waiting police van #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Weatherley took sanctuary in a room with his staff until police arrived. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Then chants of “whatever they say squatting will stay” erupt #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

A couple of people call weatherley a coward, another says his views in the homeless are disgusting #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Now they’re playing youtube footage but public gallery and journos can’t see it, only hear audio. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Weatherley: “we ran for our lives quite frankly sir” “we were terrified” #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

“Death orientated threats were coming from all sides” like “Weatherley’s getting lynched” #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Weatherley claims someone tried to punch him as he arrived at debate. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Weatherley takes the witness stand! #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Mike Weatherley being called now! #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Judge: would it not have been wise to actually charge the defendant with joint enterprise?

Word is there is an @SussexTorySoc social happening at Brighton Mags Court today with special guest #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward
Retweeted by squat the empties

Why are we waiting? #EpicFaftag #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Prosecution getting desperate. Now talking about joint enterprise, defence opposing springing that this late #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Weatherley had to be taken away in a police van. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Defendant charged with 4a of public order act, crown must prove intended to cause alarm, distress, or harassment #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward

Lots of faffing this morning. We haven’t even started yet! Was supposed to start at 10am. #MikeWeatherleyIsACoward
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