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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Ambient Green Picnic – July 2005

06-08-2005 21:05

The Ambient Green Picnic was held in Guildford on Sunday 31 July 2005.

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Ambient Green Picnic – July 2005

05-08-2005 16:50

The Ambient Green Picnic was held in Guildford on Sunday 31 July 2005.

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Alcoa Giant finally got it too

04-08-2005 20:30

Video high up in the air
A group of activist climed three cranes on the alcoa aluminium smelter construction site in iceland.

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Cambridge Social Centre!

04-08-2005 11:41

Demolish this?
An embedded report to come sometime soon, in the meantime here's my personal 'Letter to our Neighbours'...

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Lobby NOT ILLEGAL DEMO at parliament square THIS SUNDAY

03-08-2005 22:06

Mass Lobby of Parliament in support of the Right to

Assemble 12 noon, Sunday 7th August, Parliament Square.

If you are concerned about the introduction of the new law that has effectively banned all demonstrations in the area around Parliament (up to 1 km away as far as the London Eye, Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square) then please join the mass lobby outside parliament to call on our representatives to reconsider and over turn this undemocratic and draconian legislation.

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leeds and bradford squatting meeting

03-08-2005 13:41

this is a call out to anyone involved in any squatting projects in the leeds/bradford area.

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Crack in the dam

03-08-2005 01:00

A group of 6 activists dropped a banner on the Karahnjugar Dam project in Iceland on the 01.08.05

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Police KILL raver at CzechTek

02-08-2005 15:55

One man confirmed dead as riot police hurl tear gas into tents and vehicles on Friday night (29th July) in their 2200 hrs raid of the legal CzechTek site.

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Jericho Boatyard still squatted and needs support

02-08-2005 10:00

Come and help with local resistance to unwanted development and building positive alternatives

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arrests in parliament square

02-08-2005 00:54

world of fear
a peaceful protest against the new legisltion that makes all unauthorized protests illegal within 1km parameter of parliament square ended with the results of five arrests by the police...thanks for protecting us from these criminals!!

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Earth First! summer gathering 17-21 August 2005

31-07-2005 12:55

A national gathering to inspire and train all those opposed to the destruction of our planet

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34 Hanover Square Squat OPEN

29-07-2005 11:07

New squatted social space open in leeds!

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Norwich Greens challenge plans for a fried and polluting Norwich economy

28-07-2005 20:12

Green County councillors are to raise urgent concerns at Monday's cabinet meeting that the Norfolk County Council are planning to make Norwich a new "superheated" economic growth point without proper without public consultation.

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Action Chaos through the night in Iceland

26-07-2005 11:03

Protesters preventing the Karahnjukar dam project in the Icelandic highlands from going ahead have reported that over night things got very heavy.

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Cambridge Critical Massed

24-07-2005 23:46

Set off
The first Cambridge Critical Mass for a while and about thirty people, twenty nine bikes and a unicycle gather on Midsummer Common on a slightly gray and wet Saturday afternoon. While the mass gathers balloons are inflated, flags attached to bikes and Respect newspapers ignored.

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final load of carnival pics

24-07-2005 17:37

west papua
some more pics...

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yet more carnival pics

24-07-2005 17:32

butoh 2geva
here we have yet another fine addition to the selection of carnival pics

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more carnival pics

24-07-2005 17:26

anatomically correct
yet more carnival pics from me

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carnival pics

24-07-2005 17:19

phuk u very much mr tesco
check out these pics from the carnival - got the cheeky g8 chappies + quite a few of oxford people in there - c if u can spot yrself!

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First lock on in Icelandic history

23-07-2005 19:49

Report and info about the first direct action done on the 129th of july against the dam beeing built in iceland.