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Anarchist Masquerade Ball!

15-05-2005 17:28

A posh fundraiser for the mobilisation against the G8 summit.
Saturday June 4th, 12-9 pm
Cambridge (in the Green Area, Strawberry Fair)

Dancing, Music, Info-shop, Speakers, Frivolity
Bring masks, ball-gowns, jackets, costumes, friends

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The "Mental" Hospital Parties

13-05-2005 12:51

Free parties, the people and the meaning.

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Action Resource Centre video - we report, you decide

12-05-2005 23:01

The end of April marked the renovation of the East Oxford Community Centre, with a room dedicated to the Oxford Action Resource Centre. Our man in Oxford has been to investigate and has sent us this report...

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Something maybe beautiful...

12-05-2005 11:37

The rampART is one year old on 21st May...

In 'Fences and Windows' (2001), - Naomi Klein wrote, "Social centres are abandoned buildings - warehouses, factories, military forts, schools - that have been occupied by squatters and transformed into cultural and political hubs, explicitly free from both the market, and from state control... Though it may be hard to tell at first, the social centres aren't ghettos, they are windows — not only into another way to live, disengaged from the state, but also into a new politics of engagement. And yes, it's something maybe beautiful."

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Being Unemployed

11-05-2005 22:48

The developers and council are not interested in community, but they need to be able to say they have 'consulted' with local people, to sanction their plans.

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11-05-2005 00:25

A new mailing list has been setup for the Institute For Autonomy...we are currently working on a website which should be operational in the near future...check out the mailing list group for updates...on what we are upto...

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,Illegal eviction peckham we need your help now

09-05-2005 13:24

for the third time Builders & Police are attempting to illegally evict our site

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YOU ARE HERE BUT WHY? Free Festival of Mapping Full Programme - June 2005

09-05-2005 13:18

Full programme of the YOU ARE HERE BUT WHY? Free Festival of Mapping in London June 2005

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09-05-2005 12:53

for the third time Builders & Police are attempting to illegally evict our site

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Anti-G8 Mobilising from Merseyside

08-05-2005 11:22

Anti-G8 meeting 7pm Casa, Hope St. this Tuesday!

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one year of rampART

07-05-2005 13:49

Seems hard to believe but it's almost a year now since the rampART opened. To celebrate, there will be a party on the 21st May (look out for details closer to the time).

In the meantime, rampART is inviting submissions from people who have made use of the space to help reflect on twelve months of activity.

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Picnic for Peace

05-05-2005 20:30

grassroots peace movement

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Dethroning Tyrants 101

05-05-2005 17:29

Kingship is an inspiration followed when one finds suffering- to give all dedication to peace, while desiring to be free of preconceptions. Through embracing patience, truth become obvious; a process of strengthening humility. Essentially, it is just a job (not, so much, a mystery).

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Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival Pictures

05-05-2005 13:22

Pictures from the Beltane Fire Festival on the night of 30th April at Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Around 8000 people payed £3-5 to watch the show celebrating Beltane and party on the hill. Following the end of the ceremony / show, most people happily left the hill to move onto other locations for more mayday revellry.

Explanation of the characters involved in the ceremony and background at

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Punk Doc Film Night in Sheffield 8.05.05

03-05-2005 17:39

Slendermeans presents......


The Ramen Days and Beyond The Screams. Two films highlighting the DIY ethic and counter cultural activities of many people involved in the hardcore punk scene. From creating liberated spaces to defining what this grass roots music scene means to the individuals involved. Defiant statements that shout out loud - "We are more than music!"

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Picnic for Peace

03-05-2005 17:25

Local / Global Picnic for Peace 11.59 Sundays

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manchester mayday weekend + audio

03-05-2005 10:18

amongst the party and protests of the mayday weekend were;
the seventh manchester radical bookfair
critical mass bike ride
anarchist picnic

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Space Hijacker Cricket

01-05-2005 18:07

As the TUC rallied in Trafalgar Square, just 200 metres up the road, something sinister was brewing...

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Police violence in the park - photos from London Mayday

01-05-2005 17:16

Police used mayday as an excuse to act like bullies and thugs, but this time they kicked off in a park full of kids and families enjoying the glorious warm weather.

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Pix of Critical Mass London, 11th Birthday Ride, Fri 29 Apr 05 - Set 1 of 2

01-05-2005 15:17

Peace, Justice and Fun
Static and from-the-saddle pictures of Critical Mass London's 11th Birthday Ride.

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For a link to the other set of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.