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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Good report back from WSF to ESF UK

24-02-2004 01:25

Dear all,

i write from India, where, as some of you might know, i spent the last few months (from October last year) working in the WSF office in the organisation of the WSF 2004.

It has been an incredible experience! I thought i would be back in London soon to take active part in the organisation of the next ESF, but my plans have changed. My only chance to be with you is therefore virtual. The first few reflections are attached below. They will be in the Newsletter of The Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique. They are rather long notes (around 4 pages), but the most interesting paragraphs (for this list) are the last ones.

Hope this considerations could be of interest, I look forward to read your comments

See you soon

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kickstart social squat

23-02-2004 22:09

new website for manchester social squat opening soon!

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Protests in Argentinia: 107 Strassen blockaded

23-02-2004 18:30

Thursday, the 19th of february, has been the day of the "Piqueteros" in Argentina: 107 streets were blockaded in the whole country for more than 17 hours, also some train stations have been shut.
Additionally several demonstartions took place, and a rally at the government.

The underlying causes were the new laws made for increasing flexibility at work, cutting down of the social and benefit system, repression and else...

Here some pictures. More reports under Argentina Indymedia.
Hopefully, a translation will be finished soon.

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Kentish Town Social Center Eviction

23-02-2004 14:55

On February 24th High Court Bailiffs are due to evict the occupants of the social centre in Kentish Town at 8am. For all those who have been too, enjoyed, celebrated at the social centre a meeting was held on Sunday and it was agreed to try and resist the eviction. To show solidarity if any people can come down tonight, bring a sleeping bag and any materials it would be much appreciated.


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Resist the Eviction of the Occupied Social Centre

23-02-2004 14:42


On the 6th of January this year, after 6 months of neglect, 93 Fortess Road was occupied. The aim of the people involved was to set up a social centre, a free space for people in the local community to use as a resource and to create a place where people can come together and get creative. A place which is free, fun and accessible to everyone.

Occupying empty and derelict spaces and cultivating them as community spaces is important for us in having a direct say in our lives outside commercial business and the local authorities. No one is making a profit at our expense, and no one is gonna pull the rug when the cutbacks are required. What we directly put in is what we directly get out.

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Nicaragua to claim US money

23-02-2004 03:26

Never were Nicaraguans' chances better to get what the International Court ruled the US owed to them. A new initiative at the United Nations Security Council may be worthwhile given the current member situation.

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fliers and posters to download for market campaign

22-02-2004 18:44

Here is a fliers and poster to download for market campaign. (pdf)

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Campaign against market changes gathers pace

22-02-2004 18:26

About 20 people from Leeds ARC (Action for Radical Change) gave out leaflets and unfurled a banner reading 'hands off our market' in Kirkgate Market on Saturday 21st feb.

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blackwood billboard

22-02-2004 15:51

billboard seen on cowley road.

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The G8 leaders visit oxford

21-02-2004 18:15

The G8 leaders visit oxford with a samba band to celebrate the launch of dissent the activist network.

They hand out truthful money to the toe tapping crowed

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Kentish Town Social Centre - Eviction Alert!

21-02-2004 11:48

The Occupied Social Centre eviction date is TUESDAY 24th February first thing in the morning!!

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Heads up - community radio

18-02-2004 14:57

The UK government's draft Community Radio Order is out.

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Heads up for Nine Ladies - bailiffs blagging onsite

17-02-2004 15:02

Message from today below.

More on Nine Ladies - IMC Feature:

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U.K. Anti-Rave Legislation 2004

17-02-2004 14:07

They're at it again the bastards!

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4WW screening in Oxford dowenload and print the poster here

17-02-2004 14:03

Fourth World War
IMC Oxford in conjunction with undercurrents is organising a regular screening in central Oxford - download and print out the poster to find out when (then put it in your local shop!)

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South London Squatted School Defies Eviction Attempt

16-02-2004 16:25

News from SchNEWS about the failed eviction attempt against the autonomous squatted school in Colliers Wood, south London.

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video of venus' 'reclaim love' action at picadilly on valentine's day 2004

16-02-2004 12:34

venus called for a mass group hug at eros on valentine's day to reclaim the day from the marketeers. rhythms of resistance samba band helped entertain the crowds and despite some policemen getting a bit frisky the afternoon was an inspiration and the power of love won through.

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Valentines RTS in San Francisco

15-02-2004 13:19

San Francisco: Reclaim the Streets and Desires: The RTS Valentine's Day Street Party began at 12 noon at Haight & Stanyan streets on Saturday February 14th. A ship of about 300-400 pirates marched from Golden Gate park and eventually took over the block of Haight & Ashbury and the party was in full swing with a full-on sound system with rotating djs, a pirate marching band, street theater, couches, mattresses, paint splattered on GAP, and an impromptu soccer game in the middle of the street. There was also a breakaway solidarity action that marched to the nearby Safeway.

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“There has been a school at Lowick beyond the memory of man”

12-02-2004 12:25

Lowick Pioneers - "Shared reading is a firm favourite amongst the whole school, where the Infants chose a Junior to read with them."