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Photos of weekly demo outside Zimbabwean embassy

15-06-2005 11:41

This weekly demo has been going on for years. In the light of the recent outrageous evictions occuring in Zimbabwe, some people may feel that the weekly demo may perhaps deserve additional support or involvement.

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Fundraising party for the G8

15-06-2005 06:28

Raising funds for transport up to G8

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benefit dinner for the rebels against italian repression

14-06-2005 15:15

benefit dinner for italian prisoners

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use the old nursery

14-06-2005 13:49

we should have use of the building that we squatted specifically for the weekend event, 'technopolis' for the next couple of weeks so folks are welcome to use it for meetings and events if they wish to

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PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY IS BAD: A Bunfight - this Friday

13-06-2005 19:21

you are here but why?
Are you tough enough to fight it out! Are you a drunk deriver? Is psycho-geography a tool in the class struggle? Who will rule the London Psycho geographers crowd? Let the battle commence!!

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Free Food Talk + Caff at 56a Infoshop London

13-06-2005 19:17

Flyer for the evening, innit!
Saturday 18th June - 6pm til later

plus 56ª Infoshop '...This Shop Could Be Your Life' CAFF

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Shiny, Happy enjoyment of Peace in the Park!

13-06-2005 18:46

Main stage
Images of a few select events/items from Peace in the Park, 11/06/05.

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More Naked Bike Ride pix

11-06-2005 21:07

Ride crosses Waterloo Bridge
Good humour all around....

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World Naked Bike Ride 2005 - London

11-06-2005 20:10

One angry driver
Account and photos of the second World Naked Bike Ride which took place in London 11 June 2005

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banner-painting at rampARTs saturday pm for monday's US EMBASSY TERRORIST DEMO!

10-06-2005 15:15

come and tell bush what you really think! banner-painting from 1pm at the rampARTs (17 rampart st, off commerical rd e1, nearest tubes whitechapel and aldgate east)

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This Saturday in London

10-06-2005 11:24

Lots of things happening on saturday 11th in London for anyone looking for something do get involved in or any budding indymedia reporters looking for something to write about...

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09-06-2005 17:55


On June 11th, following a rally on the Level, Brighton peace campaigners will march to John St Police Station and demand that Sussex Police investigate local arms dealers EDO MBM for complicity in war crimes. A bundle of evidence demonstrating EDO’s involvement in the illegal war in Iraq will be supplied. SMASH EDO invites press and anyone who is against the arms trade and for freedom of speech to join them on this national demonstration.

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New LSF Website!!

09-06-2005 09:25

The Liverpool Social Forum, Liverpool's grassroots network of activists, groups and concerned individuals fighting for local and global justice has launched a new website.

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Friendship Walk for the Middle East

08-06-2005 21:21

praying together
Faiths walking together today for peace in the Middle East.

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rampant at the rampART

08-06-2005 21:03

Here's your weekly reminder of what's coming up at rampART E1

15 RampART Street, London E1 (

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Make Poverty History campaigners form a human ring around Radcliffe Camera

08-06-2005 15:38

Make Poverty History campaigners form a human ring around Radcliffe Camera
Make Poverty History campaigners form a human ring around Radcliffe Camera.

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RTF III Party this Saturday 11 - History and Info

08-06-2005 14:54

Here's a personal account of the history or the Reclaim the Future parties in London, followed with info and the line up of this Saturday's RTF III
5+ Rooms including live stages, bands, djs, chillout, bar, cafe, indymedia cinema, performance and vjs.

See you there! - Saturday June 11th 8pm -8am

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Local Transport Plans : You Can Change Them!

08-06-2005 10:27

The 2006-2011 Local Transport Plans are being published by all English Councils. They have to contain all potential road developments taking place in the area the plans cover. You can make sure they don't happen.

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Genoa G8 retrospective (Sat 11th, London)

07-06-2005 14:08

With plans for massive protests in Scotland next month for the 2005 G8 summit now developing rapidly, this event at the rampART offers a chance to look back at learn from the experiences of the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa.

"300.000 people were protesting in july 2001 against the g8 in Genoa: the collective dream 'another world is possible' turned into a nightmare overwhelmed by the violence by the police, finding it's climax in the murder of Carlo Giuliani."

Saturday 11th June (after the Naked Bike Ride and before the Reclaim The Future Party so you don't have to miss out on anything and can experience a real roller coaster of highs and lows)

This is a chance to speak and share experiences with people who took part in the protests against the G8 in 2001. This is not an event intended to scare anyone. It is an important chance to reflect and learn and most importantly PREPARE for Scotland...

What happened in Genoa? Why did it happen? Could it have been avoided or handled better? What does any of this mean for us this July? What precautions and preparation should we be making and are we!? These are just some of the possible valuable questions we can discuss on Saturday.

  • Were you in Genoa? Please come to rampART on saturday and share your experiences of the event and the aftermath.
  • Are you going to Scotland? Please come on saturday and ensure you are fully aware of what lessons our collective history may have to offer.
  • Are you party of a team working on accomodation, alt media, legal monitoring, or medical aid etc for Scotland? Please come let people know what is being organised and how they can help.

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Show Your Films At Portobello Film Festival

04-06-2005 14:15

The Portobello Film Festival runs from 30 July to 21st August