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rampant at the rampART

rampart | 08.06.2005 21:03 | G8 2005 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

Here's your weekly reminder of what's coming up at rampART E1

15 RampART Street, London E1 (


This thursday (June 9th), issue #4 of the arts/politics/philosophy magazine 'Naked Punch' will be launched. The event will provide both intellectual stimulation and plenty of opportunities to dance, laugh and be merry. The hall has already been transformed into a feast for the eyes and on the night you can expect all kinds of treats - Three Bands, Two short Plays, Two DJs and a show of contemporary dance.

Free entrance as usual, but donations of £3 or so would be greatly appreciated.

Visit for more info


This Friday (10th), the rampART hosts a benefit night organised by the Basque Country Campaign Solidarity for Inigo Makazaga, a young Basque imprisoned in Belmarsh.

The line up includes + Bottle Job + Short Bus Window Lickers + Refuse/All + Beyond Repair
starts 9pm, £3 suggested donation at the door


On Saturday (11th), the rampART hosts an event aimed at looking back at the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa. While around the country people are preparing for massive popular opposition to the G8 summit taking place in Scotland in July, saturdays event offers a chance to share experiences with people who took part in the protests against the G8 in 2001.

"300.000 people were protesting in july 2001 against the g8 in Genoa: the collective dream 'another world is possible' turned into a nightmare overwhelmed by the violence by the police, finding it's climax in the murder of Carlo Giuliani."

What happened in Genoa? Why did it happen? Could it have been avoided or handled better? What does any of this mean for us this July? What precautions and preparation should we be making and are we!? These are just some of the possible valuable questions we can discuss on Saturday.



Next Thursday (June 16th), the rampART is proud to present an exclusive european premiere of STILL WE RIDE, a new documentary about the attempts by New York City police to shut down the monthly critical mass bikes. It starts 8pm and we've got space for just 100 people so arrive on time if you want to be sure of a seat.

Entry is free. Any donations given on the night will go to the Mobile Indymedia Tr(((i)))cycle project.

As well as the documentary we'll have presentations, footage and photos about Londons own critical mass, the G8 bike ride, and reports back from the World Naked Bike Ride (which takes place this Sat 11th).


Other stuff coming up...

* June 17 to 19 ...
a new photo exhibition and mysterious gathering by zdo9.

* June 24th...
Make Folk a Threat Again... gig by "Riot-Folk!" on their UK tour.

* Saturday 25th...
fundraiser by Hands Off Venezuela for the International Youth Festival in Caracas.
Kicks of with an introduction and workshops in the afternoon, a screening of films
in the evening, performance and live music, food and drink til late.

* Wednesday 29th...
It's a US invasion - the LostFilmFest, Filastine and the Infernal Noise Brigade!!!
a truly independent, anti-authoritarian, anti-corporate grassroots DIY media extravaganza.
see & &



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  1. Friday 10th event cancelled — wot?