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Inside the Visteon occupation.

05-04-2009 16:01

One the roof.
These pics were shot a few days ago.

The workers at Visteon are a truly courageous bunch of people whom have never done anything like this before so they deserve EVERYONES support. They were sacked at six minutes notice. The night shift were sacked by phone. Please raise money or take them some food and drink.

The address is easy to find the nearest station is rectory road.

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Witnesseses of Ian Tomlinson's brutal murder come forward

05-04-2009 13:45

An article in today's Observer newspaper states that the "police assaulted bystander who died in G20 protests". Three independent witnesses have come forward with corroborative statements telling how he was violently assaulted.

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G20 Protest Pictures, part 4

04-04-2009 22:35

Poetry in motion...
The fourth and final part of this rather epic photo diary of the 2009 Climate Camp and G20 protests in London.

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G20 Protest Pictures, part 3

04-04-2009 22:12

Antisocial Climbers!
Third part of my pictorial diary of Climate Camp and G20 protests in The City of London.

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G20 Protest Pictures, part 2

04-04-2009 21:51

Note the leaf, I didn't place it, it just happened that way.
Second part of my pictorial diary of the G20 protests, mainly showing Climate Camp in The City of London.

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G20 Protest Pictures, part 1

04-04-2009 21:28

Shocking Exclusive: Man waves Fist at Protestors!!
On Wednesday of this week, in the belly of the beast, known as The City of London, normally a place purely for the generation of wealth witnessed an amazing transformation when thousands of protestors descended upon it's streets and occupied them for a brief flowering of human potential beyond the dysfunctional confines of what we laughingly know as global capitalism.

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G20 Part II - Dissident Island Radio

03-04-2009 17:38

G20 Radio!
G20 Part II on Dissident Island Radio Tonight at 9pm!

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Kitchen, urn, banner material, paint needed asap for occupied Visteon factory

03-04-2009 16:30

call for gas fired tea urn and rings for cooking to set up kitchen at factory plus banner materials needed and any other props

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Rally Saturday 4th April for occupying Visteon workers in Enfield

03-04-2009 16:19

Rally at Visteon plant in Enfield Saturday 4th April 11 a.m. please bring food, banners and banner making stuff and noise to support the workers and their families at the factory ..

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Lappersfort Update- Noise Demo Tomorrow

03-04-2009 14:52

A trial was held today in the Brugge courthouse for the two Lappersfort occupiers, Sophie and Pitree, who were arrested on tuesday night while riding their bicycles back to the forest. Occupiers and other folk went along to the courthouse to make some noise and show solidarity with their friends.

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G20 financial fools day in pictures.

03-04-2009 13:10

The counter demo.
So much for those dark predictions by the MET. Just one set of windows broken. I somehow doubt if the UK will be rising up in condemnation on behalf of RBS?

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Helsinki is supporting NO G20

02-04-2009 16:35

2/4/09 30 m. long graffiti was painted to support people in London for their struggle

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Ongoing Repression in Brugge – 2 people in prison – Noise Demo on Friday morning

02-04-2009 15:03

In the early hours of Wednesday 30th of march, two occupants of the Lappersfort forest protest site were arrested cycling back to the camp. Based on the fact that they had a screwdriver on them and a bike trailer full of food, they are accused of breaking a fence in order to take food from a skip that they never actually visited.

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Wave of factory occupations across the UK

01-04-2009 13:38

Sorry, it's cut and pasted from corporate media, but i'm in the middle of work! Solidarity to all factory occupiers and the G20 rioters - our struggles are one!

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JNC open new squat. Gardeners required.

01-04-2009 11:13

At 0900 hrs on Tuesday 31 March, members of 'Justice Not Crisis' occupied the Beechcourt Hotel, 201 Bristol Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B5 7UB.

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Smash Capitalism: Big banner on the Thames

01-04-2009 11:04

This morning, a group of pixies put up a large banner with the words "SMASH CAPITALISM" emblazoned on an empty building right next to Tower Hill, on the Thames.

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(A) Book & Video Fair of Caracas

31-03-2009 23:42

* Call to the First Libertarian Print and Audiovisual Documentary Fair of Caracas. D O C U M E N T (a) November 2009.

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56a Infoshop: Nowtopia + Celebrate Peoples History event Sun 5th

31-03-2009 14:33

NOWTOPIA talk with Chris Carlsson
56a Infoshop in South London is presenting an afternoon this Sunday 5th April with Chris Carlsson, the author of NOWTOPIA giving an illustrated talk. We are also using the occasion to open our newest exhibition in the space: Celebrate Peoples History, a selection of the great poster series from the radical art collective Just Seeds.

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New G20 convergence space opened

31-03-2009 11:57

g2 convergence space- payne house, earl street ec2a 2al