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AgainstGreece: Day for Alexis, day for students Cops intrudeattack on university

Alexis | 06.12.2013 13:36 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | World

On the days demonstration, cops intrude on gathering in front of University senate, 'kettle' hundreds, arrest some 14-15 year old schoolkids

Local youth attack police station in Aigaleo, Athens, "in the name of what is proper"

Starving school pupil in Patras eats garbage food binned by clasmates, not the first time she was hungry.
Elswehere 1000s are forced to go to school hungry and return home with an empty belly.

A town in N Greece has no heating oil for schools, all are closed.

The main demo for Alexi is at 6pm.



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