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CCTV mapping meeting monday maelstrom

chester wren | 28.11.2004 11:13 | Free Spaces | Repression | Technology

a meeting regarding an on-going CCTV mapping project in leeds is to be held at maelstrom this monday evening

Leeds is one of the most densely surveilled cities on the entire planet. The gaze of anyone who takes a short walk around the city centre with eyes tilted upward will quickly be met by a plethora of voyeur-machines. Some obvious, some hidden or disguised, all there to stifle and curb dissent and to manipulate us into a state of constant self-policing. Both the actuality and the threat of C.C.T.V. observation are used to maintain fear and inaction amongst the city’s insurgent elements. Therefore, a meeting for those who wish to be involved in an on-going C.C.T.V. mapping project with a view to creating a publicly accessible on-line map will be taking place at Maelstrom (the old post office, Hyde park corner, Leeds 6) on Monday 29th November at 8pm.

chester wren


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