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Ungdomshuset Solidarity Demo

Doug | 02.03.2007 15:15 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

Reporting from the demo by mobile

3.15 About 10 demonstrators with banner. 2 police at door of embassy.



Photos of Today's Demo

02.03.2007 16:47

Impromptu Banner
Impromptu Banner

The masses
The masses

The future...
The future...

The footwear of the masses
The footwear of the masses

Those in opposition
Those in opposition

About 15 people showed solidarity with the Ungdomshuset struggle today in London in front of the Danish Consulate at 55 Slaone St.

The Ambassador could not 'accomodate us' today with receiving a delegation. The crowd protested for about one hour. Eventually the two cops on the door of the Embassy were joined by two other cops, one of who took photos of the assembled mass. He was so into it he began following parts of the crowd as they left, just in case every possible angle had not been covered.

Despite the low turn out for this quickly assembled demo, the participants feel that it was worth the effort to show that the struggle to defend our free spaces is international.

Viva Ungdomshuset!


Why don't the police like being photographed? What are they afraid of?

02.03.2007 18:00

Hiding from my camera.
Hiding from my camera.

The embassy
The embassy

I tried to photograph the Forward Intelligence Team photographer and note taker but they kept on dodging away from my camera and one of them hid behind a yellow jacket cop. The notetaker kept turning his back and tucking his chin in his jacket. During the confrontation that followed they threated to confiscate my camera 'as evidence'. I left just as my camera was about to be arrested.


press pics from today

02.03.2007 23:38

a few pics from the one press photographer that turned up today!


ungdomshusets eviction plan

03.03.2007 00:14

The plan published before the eviction was as follows:
day 1 : gather at the house or react in your local community + demonstration the first 17:00 after the eviction from Blagardsplads
Day 2: Mass meeting at 'Folkets hus'
Day 3: day of action: the theme is traffic
day 7 and 14: Demonstration at 17:00 from Blagardsplads

more is obviously being added constantly as the situation develops, but i do believe that the idea of a (probably not so mass) meeting is a good idea, i am heading off there, but can anyone offer a place for a meeting where people could meet to coordinate, so that something could be planned which might be supported.

see the main page addition for an update on the situation (



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