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Sipson Says Thankyou to Climate Camp

local pics | 23.08.2007 12:58 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | London

As the camp for climate action was winding down and packing up several groups of local residents were going around thanking people for all of their efforts over the last week and a half.

I'm sure the camp people are saying the same things - thanks Sipson (and others), for all the help and support during the camp. It's not over by a long shot.

local pics


You are welcome!

24.08.2007 09:21

One of the most inspiring things at the camp was all the positive comments and encouragement from the locals. One of the cops i had a chat with had the opinion that most of the people in Sipson were motivated by selfish reasons. I think this is untrue and all the people who came to visit the camp appeared to see the bigger picture and the importance of solidarity across civil society if we are to make the positive changes for the future.
I hope the people of Sipson had a eye opener to radical politics and alternative ways of living. This is what a good society could look like and i hope this knowledge gives them strength in the fight to save their community from the greed of corporations and government. Good luck!

Crusty Camper

And thank you...

24.08.2007 10:17

to everyone from the local area who came down to the camp. I was working in the Welcome tent and was so happy and inspired to meet dozens of local people every day and hear about their campaigns. I live far away up north but will do everything I can to help stop the third runway. And thank you so much to everyone who brought food, bedding and other stuff down to the camp. You're all great!


Simpson Locals

24.08.2007 17:28

Yeah, the locals were amazing. A very warm welcome and great conversations with them all - especially in the pub!

To the taxi driver I met in the street - the place I was talking about is here:

- Homepage: