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Climate Activists Blockade Department For Transport To Stop Airport Expansion

Camp for Climate Action | 17.08.2007 10:00 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces

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9 activists have blockaded the Department of Transport in a bid to demand that the government reverse their plans to more than double the UK's airport capacity by 2030 Dressed in smart attire, the activists began their action at 8.15am and remain superglued to the doors. Holding a banner which reads “no airport expansion” the activists aim to highlight the impossible contradiction between the government's rhetoric on stopping climate change and its plans to expand airports.

Leila Harris, one of the activists, said: “The camp has made clear that expanding airports cannot be reconciled with stopping climate change. Aviation is the fastest growing cause of climate change, already accounting for 13 per cent of UK emissions. The government has said nothing about how it plans to deal with this contradiction”1

“The Department of Transport must tear up all plans to expand UK airports, and start talking about how we reduce the flights coming in and out of this country. If they don't, this sort of action against them is only the beginning”

This is the fourth direct action that has been held across the country in support of the Camp for Climate Action.2 On Wednesday three airports, housing private jets owned by the super rich and the prime minister, were closed by groups of activists.

1The government's own figures show that flights currently account for 13 per cent of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions (Gillian Merrion, written answer to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, Environmental Audit Third Report). This is not currently included in the government's figures on UK emissions, nor is it included in the draft climate change bill currently processing through parliament.
2The Camp for Climate Action has been open since Tuesday 14th and is in the process of planning a day of mass action on Sunday 19th which will target the corporations making profit at the expense of stopping climate change.

For more information and comment contact: Leo at the camp 07847 204 469 / Leila Harris 07766 175 641

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