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graffiti fun!

steve | 04.05.2006 14:57 | Culture | Free Spaces | Oxford

hers a photo of the latest mural to hit cowley road...

what the ****** iz that??!!
what the ****** iz that??!!

Whilst everyonelse was getting mash up on the may day/ beltane weekend a group of about 11 artists produced this mural on leopold st. just off cowley road, continuing from all the flats that have already been muralized above the shops on cowley rd.
Massive big up to all the artists who came and provided their own paint and to the house owners who let us play on their walls!!



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  1. That looks absolutely horrid — J
  2. to Roger — badger
  3. YO STEVE THE WALL ROCKS — the krah
  4. wondiferous — david murray
  5. hooray! — terri dactal
  6. Brilliant — John
  7. good work — RK
  8. dont make me projectile vomit — indoobitaLL