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graffiti fun!

steve | 04.05.2006 14:57 | Culture | Free Spaces | Oxford

hers a photo of the latest mural to hit cowley road...

what the ****** iz that??!!
what the ****** iz that??!!

Whilst everyonelse was getting mash up on the may day/ beltane weekend a group of about 11 artists produced this mural on leopold st. just off cowley road, continuing from all the flats that have already been muralized above the shops on cowley rd.
Massive big up to all the artists who came and provided their own paint and to the house owners who let us play on their walls!!



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That looks absolutely horrid

07.05.2006 15:12

Why wreck an inoffensive building with that horrendous mess? We were walking past whilst you were vandalising it, my friend said "You can't have greater proof we're living in a crap neighbourhood". Indeed.


to Roger

08.05.2006 08:21

Dear J
I sincerely hope that we do not end up living in the same world. I know starting off a criticism with an ad hominem attack is poor, but your comment is of the asine world of a true asshole.

The mural is a fine example of street art, and one of the things that makes living in East Oxford pleasant. It is well constructed, has a message and generally challenges at the same time. It is far more representative and important than any Tracy Enim or Chapman brothers work, and further more it is of and by the people of Oxford. It is art that belongs to the people of East Oxford and makes the place a damn site prettier than you bog-standard dull coloured pebble-dash.

I too watched the artists work together to paint it; and coming back later that night I witnessed loads of people simply stopping to admire and praise it. Art made good, accessible and interesting, part of the Cowley Road community - something rare, so a big thumbs up for street art in East Oxford. More of it, please.

I feel sorry you cannot appreciate the beauty at your feet, but then I suspect you are a troll bitter at your own lack of creative solutions so having to criticise others. Sad.

The badger at the bottom.



08.05.2006 09:50

hi man the wall rocks, its spit that i didn't make it 2 Oxfored...

the krah
- Homepage: http://


09.05.2006 20:54

just great ... thanks 2 all the guys who did it. this is what art should be like and this is what street decoration should be, not the poison from the megacorps which washes all around us.

As for 'J' - just crawl away and die!

david murray


10.05.2006 09:58

I think this is fan fukking tastic, nice one to all of you, ooh I am missing Oxford now.

terri dactal


10.05.2006 15:03

I was so amazed by your photo, I walked all the way down to Leopold just to have a better look.
The cloud faces up at the top are my favourite, especially the two on the right.


good work

15.05.2006 23:17

Good work guys, that made me smile. J, you need to lighten up a bit. The neighbourhood is full of people who like to paint stuff, thats all.


dont make me projectile vomit

06.09.2006 16:53

revealing quote i saw in the oxford mail:

"it makes the place look like a impoverisherished 3rd world country"

1. spray paints are pretty damn expensive, and the time to develop the skill is a luxury, and for this reason:
2. 3rd world countrys are generally not covered in amazing graf
3. Some of the most breathtaking places in the world are thrice removed: who wouldnt want to live there? ay?

so, if the only people complaining are moderately racist halfwits, i for one couldnt give a shit about their opinion!